Fantasy Man Monday

Today’s Fantasy Man fodder search (Say that three times fast) took me searching for sexy men and their pets. On initial query I found pictures of bad dudes with scorpions. That really wasn’t the tone I was looking for today. However, I dug deeper and found these pictures that perhaps will make you say “Awww, Oooo!”

What is it about men and dogs? Guys take a note, instant conversation starter with girls. Cute dog goes along way as a character reference.

I passed a guy with his boxer dog on an outing at the farmers market, last week. The dog was a model of obedience. As a former animal trainer that spoke volumes to me about the kind of man I would find on the other end of the leash.

This guy might not have made Fantasy Man Monday on his own assets. But in this photo he is just the kind of guy you want to hug and squeeze. Isn’t he? I can see he would be fun and great to share some laughs with. Another big plus in the selection department. Fantasy Men come in all shapes and sizes. My Fantasy Man may or may not make your top ten list. My Fantasy Man tastes change in an array of qualities, not unlike a kaleidoscope. Mood, timing, thoughts and phases of the moon may alter what I find sexy and attractive. Today it was men with dogs that are self disciplined, fun and not hard at all to look at!

Sometimes, the Fantasy Man will surprise you.

Happy Monday everyone.

2 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Thank you so much with these pictures and an in depth look. I like the fact that you say ‘fantasy men come in all shapes and sizes.” You are so right about that. I don’t think anyone of us want a stereotype, we want what will make our toes curl. Thank you so much for an insightful and a’muse’ing post. I say a’muse’ing because I feel inspired by your photos. Men and their pets… so much fodder there… Thanks again…

    • Thanks for the comment Nevealane. One of my writing friends fell madly in love with her husband because… he always put his seat belt on. It demonstrated his concern for safety and commitment to taking care of people he loved. She needed that security and attention to detail in a mate.

      Come visit often.