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Life is Fragile

I don’t often write much about my family. I did a blog way back about how my son in law is my real life hero. That was during his first Marine sponsored solo vacation to the land of sand.

Now he is on his second tour. My daughter holding down the home front again. This time she was pregnant with their son, my first grandchild.

*I know hard to believe, I am much too young to be a grandmother*

She had the baby 9/3/11 after being in labor more hours than I can count. SIL got to hear the baby being born via the telephone. He is a continual strength to my daughter. The baby was born a seemingly ‘healthy’ 7lbs 12 oz at 20 1/2 inches long. He was given a massively cliche’ Italian family name.

While the medical staff were checking him out they noticed he wasn’t breathing well and discovered his lung was partially collapsed. The decision was made to transfer him to NICU in a neighboring town. His Momi gave birth at 3:14 a.m. on the 3rd and didn’t get to hold her baby until 10:39 that night at the Neonatal ICU unit.

When she called me with the news before lunchtime on the 3rd, their plan was for her to stay in the hospital an hour and a half away from her baby at the NICU. She had seen the baby. He was under oxygen. At that point her plan became “I am going where my baby is… if I have to check myself out of here AMA and walk barefooted. I don’t care who I have to talk to but I am not stopping until I talk to the person who will make me being with my baby a priority.”

My girlfriend is a nurse and immediately got on the computer collecting phone numbers for my daughter to call. She also helped my daughter understand what the medical jargon meant for what was happening with her son.

Our little miracle boy has been on and off of oxygen. His lung seems to be inflating and doing it’s job. Because he didn’t get fed in those early hours of his life he has not learned how to suck and swallow. He ended up on a tube to get the nutrition into him. Now, he is learning how to swallow.

So this week, my oldest daughter is my heroine. No one messes with a mother bear protecting her cubs. My middle daughter is my heroine too cause she was there with her sister through the whole thing taking care of her. And My girlfriend and partner is my heroine for taking care of me and helping my girls when I didn’t know how.

And of course, my SIL is still my real life hero because even though he was half way around the world, he took care of his wife’s emotions and supported her, comforted her and held her close.

Never forget how fragile life is take care to make every moment count for something.

Fantasy Woman Monday

Yes, Yes. I know that today’s title is a deviation from my typical Fantasy Man Monday. However, in the interest of diversity of all kinds I am shifting gears on this Martin Luther King Birthday. All puns intended and intact.

Face it girls. Women are beautiful. We admire other women. You know it is true. We look and we have our own ideas of what is sexy. Admit it. We do look and at times we may model ourselves after beautiful women so that we will feel more sexy and appealing. At the very least we may wish to look more beautiful like XYZ, model, actress, someone we know. The fashion industry is built on the concept.

As a romance writer, I have to think about what makes women sexually appealing. Is there a difference between what a female would be attracted to in a beautiful woman? compared to what a man would respond to? I have to believe this to be true. I wish one of our male readers would weigh in on this conversation. Yes as a romance writer I think I have to create a heroine that the female reader would be attracted to. I know it sounds a little off kilter. But we have to be able to identify with the heroine. Feel sexy in HER skin. Relate to her and want to take the journey with her. We have to want her to get her Happily Every After.

And as another level of respect for diversity….what is the connect to attraction and sexuality if you are gay, lesbian or bisexual or even transgendered?

What are the differences in sex appeal? Or is SEXY just plain SEXY regardless of your gender or or sexual expression? It’s one of those questions I wonder about as an author and psychologist. hummm.

The psychology of attraction. What does it for you?

What do you think?

Kiernan; a Difficult Hero

Yes, Kiernan is being difficult. We aren’t talking at the moment. He isn’t willing to admit he is angry with me so he just shuts up and sulks. Okay, so I couldn’t recognize I’ve missed the story line somewhere. Yes, I’m stubborn.

However, he isn’t being at all helpful to my sincere effort to tell his story. What, does he expect me to do everything?

He’s also not too thrilled about the difficult journey ahead of he and Isobeau to reach their HEA. He probably has some misguided interest in protecting her from harm he has totally clammed up. If he blames me for his pain, I wonder if he thinks I’ll hurt her too?

I’m sure part of the issue is he is such a dominant character. He wants total control, without question. Maybe I’m not willing or able to give him that level of trust. Some how we will have to find our way together to make this book happen.

He is a survivor. We have that in common.

Maybe he blames me for what he had to endure in Dragon’s Mark. The torture he suffered changed him. He has retreated to a harsh dark place that I can’t lure him out of.

Yet, I know Isobeau will.

She is a free spirit who calls on the power of the Goddess for her healing gifts

Yet she’s ready to roll up her sleeves and get the hard work done.

If I could only convince him his redemption lies in Isobeau’s love.

I know Isobeau can find his soul

Thanks to Italian Model Frederica Felini for inspiration for Isobeau.

Fantasy Man Monday

Kiernan is taking a lot of my time these days. He started his story in such a dark place.

What is our man Kiernan going to end up looking like once he is freed by the love of a good woman, Isobeau? or as he says her name “E-sa-bo.”

I love a story about redemption of a lost soul / bad boy, through the healing powers of romance. Even knowing there is a happily ever after, we continue to wonder if Isobeau will be able to reach this dragon’s soul and save him.

What about you? What is your fantasy man like?

One Happily Ever After At A Time

Phone pics 036My Son in Law and Daughter came for a visit this weekend.  He is a marine stationed in North Carolina.  He will be shipping out this fall for Afganistan.  We worry about him and pray for his safety.  This was his opportunity to come home and say good bye to his family and friends before his remote deployment.

My daughter will come home and stay with the family while he is over seas.  They have only been married a few months.  It is sad for her to think that he will miss their first married, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Anniversary.

We hosted a BBQ at our house in the country.  I met more of his family members than I could imagine.  Everyone managed to set aside their differences and get along.  We had a great time all and all.

I really enjoyed seeing my daughter happy and in love.  There is peace in seeing that she found her HEA.

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