One Happily Ever After At A Time

Phone pics 036My Son in Law and Daughter came for a visit this weekend.  He is a marine stationed in North Carolina.  He will be shipping out this fall for Afganistan.  We worry about him and pray for his safety.  This was his opportunity to come home and say good bye to his family and friends before his remote deployment.

My daughter will come home and stay with the family while he is over seas.  They have only been married a few months.  It is sad for her to think that he will miss their first married, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Anniversary.

We hosted a BBQ at our house in the country.  I met more of his family members than I could imagine.  Everyone managed to set aside their differences and get along.  We had a great time all and all.

I really enjoyed seeing my daughter happy and in love.  There is peace in seeing that she found her HEA.

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One response to “One Happily Ever After At A Time

  1. donthangupthequill

    I have friends with spouses in the military and I just don’t see how they do it. Safe thoughts for your SIL.