Feeling Good

I went to the gym last night, straight from work.  Usually I’m there at lunch time but when all else fails I truck over there after work.  I had new tunes on the ipod and a work out plan.  I’ve been back at the gym now a full 10 days after being released from my last surgical recovery time.  So I’m in my groove.  Gym time for me is thinking time.  I get into my routine and think big thoughts…. writing thoughts.

I approached my gym time last night leaving the building with a spring in my step.  I had labored for four days getting all the side stories out of my head and onto paper and I was ready to think think think about my current WIP that I’m 10,000 words into.  A work I plotted with my C.P.

I must digress for a moment.  I’m fairly inspirational/intuitive for a creative personality type.  Little things can set me off.  Last month I picked up a piece of jewelry and POW an erotic novella type story hit me that broke out of last year’s WIP.  I mean it is eerie, touch the object and its like the psychic hot line plugs in– characters, situation etc cascade into my brain, the voices, dialogue.  I know, it’s a blessing/it’s a curse.

Okay so, my mind is clear of all those side stories that have possessed me like little demons gnawing at my writing time on this year’s WIP. I’m in my sapphire blue bug ready to pull out of the parking lot. I’m feeling good.  Something across the highway in the feed store parking lot caught my eye.  I look over there and two romance heroes are stepping off their Harley touring bikes, side by side.  Whoa momma can you say not- from-around-here, baby.

Then it started again.  The voice in my head.  I have to smile and groan. Yes, I do this at the same time.  One more reason people around me think I’m just a little bit off in the head.  (Except my writing buddies of course…they hear the voices too.)

My gym time last night was spent listening to those voices telling me about Steve and Dylan.  I have a starting GMC, a heroine and her GMC, I don’t know her name yet.  I don’t have the suspense GMC yet.  I know someone wants to hurt her because they locked her in the steam room.  She likes to run.  She runs from everything, her past, her emotions, her interest in Steve and Dylan. She might like to run but they ARE going to catch her.  The WIP will have to wait one more day.

GI Joe is next to me on the elliptical.  He’s in pain.  But his biceps and calves didn’t get that way because he’s a happy couch potato.  Humm I’ll bet Steve has arms like that.  His hair is like that too.  By now I’m sure GI Joe guy thinks I’m nuts cause I’m smiling and rowing.  That is if he thinks anything at all.  He may be focused on his own pain…and demons.

So I’m on the rowing machine listening to my favboy singing my new theme song and realizing how true.

2 responses to “Feeling Good

  1. Hm…maybe I should start going to the gym? I mean, I really, really should, but maybe it would be beneficial to my writing. I’ll have to think about that. As of now, my inspiration comes from weird dreams, or thoughts I have while getting ready in the morning, oh and songs. I get a lot of inspiration from those.

    I can’t wait to see what you’ll do about this Steven and Dylan situation though. LOL

    • Yes, the gym or the feed store?? **fans self** Songs are inspirational, dreams yes. For me it’s a glance while people watching or very much very very much objects. I’ll touch an object and something happens. Steve and Dylan. *sigh* Steve is xmilitary His nick name is L.T. short for Lieutenant I think. Unless I’m having a blend through from my C.P. She has a futuristic character that might have that same nickname if so I’ll find something else.

      Yes, they are going to be interesting to write. But they have to WAIT behind Dragon’s Soul. As they haunt me I’ll make notes for the moment when their story can come to life.