Happy St Patrick’s Day

I love Kermie.

I was always someone on the outside looking in. Growing up I knew I was different. As a teen I wondered if perhaps I had gotten switched at birth. I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere.

My interests have further estranged me from connecting with the people I commonly find circling my life. I spin fibers, make chain jewlery, ride and train horses and yes, write romance novels. . .hot steamy, toe curling, staying-up-late, can’t-put-the-book-down, romance novels.

Perhaps that is why I find a common thread through the books I write. The age old beauty and the beast story where beauty sees the inner light in the beast and redeems him finding her own sense of belonging and empowerment. Because of my own journey, beauty starts her story arch either incomplete and unfulfilled or fractured and lost. She finds healing and rightness within the relationship that grows between her and the beast. The beast finds his humanity, his redemption and claims beauty forever. awwwww.

However, with my secret life as a writer comes wonderful companions and sisters to share the journey through my FCRW chapter and Ink Plots critique group.

Still, in all. . . it ain’t easy being green.

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