Fantasy Man Monday

I searched and searched for the right fantasy man for today. It’s a tough job buy I have to do it for you. after hours of fantasy man research I’ve come to a decision.

This month I’ve been re-reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. Release of the next installment of the series comes this month with John Matthew’s story.

We’ve watched him grow from pre-trans awkward youth to full fighting warrior ready for his destiny, searching for his mate and primed to destroy his enemy.

John Matthew our Fantasy Man Monday

3 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Gah…just GAH!! You’ve rendered me speechless! That’s almost exactly how I pictured John Matthew to look…shame on me because he only just became sexually active. My eyeballs are on fire!

    That BDB…oh my *fans herself* Some of the hottest mofos e.v.e.r. I’ve been waiting for John Matthews book since the Wrath’s book came out. I’m having to physically restrain myself from ordering new books until this one is released. It won’t be easy, but I may do as you’ve done and re-read the entire series before release day. Oooh yeah, it’ll be hard, but I will prevail!

    • Isn’t he just perfect! I can’t take credit though. Photobucket user mel_b_04 pegged him.
      I also saw a video from the WARden today that said essentially no end in sight for the BDB as long as fans keep reading. I’m on Lover Enshrined again now, Phury’s story. Such a cool world. I will have arrived if I can ever create characters as real and engrossing as these guys are. JR Ward sets the bar pretty high.

  2. I think he’s what inspired the phrase “hard planes of his stomach.”