Fantasy Man Monday

This Monday we are taking a brief look at fantasy men over 40. I’ve picked a few choice samples. There were so many to pick from. Here is a taste of my favorites.

Mark Harmon

Ah Viggo Mortgensen

And the never contested,

Sean Connery….

Who is your Sexiest Man over 40? Share with us.

My friend, Danica (Fantasy Man Friday creator) likes

Harrison Ford

and Sting

13 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Harrison Ford. No question about it. He’s…*sigh* dreamy. Or, Sting who gets my motor running too. Of course Sean Connery is and always will be the sexiest older man ever, but those two are pretty close in my mind.

  2. Oh yes, yes. Harrison Ford. Hands down.

    Sting. Oh dark hair. Wouldn’t he be a wonderful Tohr?

  3. Mark Harmon is definitely my fave (don’t tell my hubs, he’s over 40 too).

    • Yes, indeed, he has been a hottie for sometime. The white hair pushed him above the bar somehow. Oh, how about Pierce Brosnan from the Remington Steele TV show and James Bond? He has aged well!

  4. I wish I could say these men are why I’m still single. You know, the whole looking for an older man who looks like them…but I do like the young ones too *sigh* I’m just a hussy!

  5. OMG, did we leave out Kevin Costner??? Bruce Willis? *slaps her forehead* And what about George Clooney? I wasn’t always a big fan of George, but he is pretty hot in Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, Thirty…and I loved him in O Brother Where Art Thou?…You realize I could keep going and going…right?

  6. Oh Dear Danica. we obviously need to do more research on the subject. We’ve narrowed the field without considering all the potential candidates. I feel a survey coming on to somehow rank these fantastic sexy fantasy men.

    If I load any more photos of these hunks the blog will lock up on opening. Oh my what’s a girl to do? Fodder for more Fantasy Man Monday’s. My work is not done!

    We could always think of them in pairs. Menage in this case could be defined as mores the better? A Sting and Viggo sandwich. That’s just naughty. Maybe a Wednesday themed blog of Naughty, Naughty Nights.


  7. A Sting and Viggo sandwich?? I’m not sure what woman is brave enough to attempt that! This is STING we’re talking about. He of the tantric sex fame…okay I’d give it a go, it’d be interesting! LOL

    There will always be fodder for Fantasy Man Mondays! Because here’s just a few others who are in the over 40 and hot category: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, and my main man Gerard Butler just to name a few.

  8. Oh, Mark Harmon. Those eyes. That face. *sigh* Love him on NCIS, loved him in West Wing (REALLY loved him and Allison Janney together), LOVE that he’s been married to the Same Woman for a really long time.

    I have to admit I have a thing for Robert Redford.

    • Ah yes, Robert Redford, wonderful hunkylicious fella. You have to love a faithful man. Patrick Swayze has to go on the list too.

  9. Men are like wine and improve with age, women not so much. Lol

    • lol. Well. you may have a point. My wine bottle isn’t quite as shinny as it used to be. But I’m going to embrace the 50 somethin hot chick in me and just strut! lol