Heroine Wednesday

Today launches “Heroine Wednesday”. This blog may end up with a little more depth than Fantasy Man Monday and then again it may arrive at an equally superficial place. I’m unpredictable like that.

However, today I am thinking about heroines and how women have shaped the world.

I’ll go on the record as saying I love Belle.

She was the first Disney Heroine that I remember, (Emphasis on remember), being a real individual. She didn’t need the prince on the charger to make her life complete. She had the company of a good book and her own imagination.

She made her own happy ending and didn’t let a difference in species become a barrier to true love.

Thank you Deviant Art

This next picture is obviously an actress portraying Queen Elizabeth. I think the Queen is a modern heroine. I would like to know more about her. Humm perhaps some biographical reading is in order during this new year.

But consider this actresses “look”. This is a picture worth a thousand words. What do you see? Shrewd, thoughtful, planning, …. the mind of a matriarch at work.

I could portray an array of hot women here in the classic heroine roles. Frankly this blog may degrade to that in insuring weeks. I will never undermine the power of a hot woman with a gun in her hand. (lol)

Yet, when I consider the real heroines that are currently shaping my life I think of my breast buddy who gracefully survived breast cancer with the support of her loving husband and family.

My own marriage did not survive the disease. Frankly my relationship with my current ex-husband was sick before I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. So I really can’t blame breast cancer, although somehow I do. Lately I believe I am thanking breast cancer for giving me the courage to begin to fix things in my life….bad relationships being primary.

My ex had the nerve to give me an angel ornament for Christmas with the breast cancer ribbon around it’s neck saying support, strength, love…. some such nonsense. I resisted the urge to run it over with the truck and send it back to him in pieces with a note saying “yeah pal thanks for the support. Here’s to ya.” Yet I digress muchly. LOL

So my heroines and heroes are families fighting the big C whether it be breast, colon, whatever kind of disease eating at your life and sense of value. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

link to the photography artist responsible for this black and white

8 responses to “Heroine Wednesday

  1. RE: second photo of Belle. Funny, I don’t recall *that* scene from the movie o_O

    I completely agree with your definition of a heroine. They are women who navigate life’s hills and valleys, that often become mountains and crevasses, assure all is well before settling in themselves then get up and do it all again day after day after day.

    • Thanks Cathy. I appreciate your friendship. I noticed your association with Rainbow Romance Writers. Shoot me a line sometime about your experiences with that group and if you think it is a place for my writing.

  2. Damn straight, woman! You don’t need a hero to be a heroine. And I’m honored to be your breast buddy and help you get started on recognizing what a wonderful, fabulous, amazing woman YOU ARE.


  3. Thanks a lot for the post, I even learned something from it. Incredibly quality content on this blog. Always looking forward to new entry.

    • Hey there Torri. Thank you for the kind words. I apologize your post got caught up in this high tech computer filter thingy here. (See how easily I can fake computer literacy). I’m glad you enjoy my musings. Come often, tell friends. lol.

  4. Very Nice website. I just finished mine and i was looking for some ideas and your website gave me some. The website was developed by you?


    • Hi Doretha. sorry to take so long getting back to you. The super duper spam filter alterted and hijacked your post. lol…

      Thank you for the kind words on my website. I guess I can say I developed it. It is hosted by WordPress and they offer idiot proof templates to design this blog, website.

      My one claim to uniqueness is the banner header. The butterfly at the top of the page was made from a photograph I took at the Butterfly rainforest over at the University of Florida.

      I know many of my followers look at that and say ‘grrr another damn butterfly?’ *Laughing* but for now it is a unique quality.

      You say you have just finished your website but If you every think of making a change wordpress is a very easy host and I have not had much difficulty learning how to administrate my website with their tools.

      Thanks again.