Confessions and Lies

Do you like the catchy title? It’s a great topic for April Fool’s Day. My new friend Jean Cohen Joachim from our Naughty Romance Writers group on Face book popped that comment out there with blog ideas.

I started thinking….. and that could be a dangerous consequence. But here goes. Remember, erotic paranormal romance writer here!!! All that inspiration had to come from somewhere. Okay disclaimer done.

Can you guess which comments below are Confessions and which are Lies? It will be interesting to read your comments and see what you think! And when all is said and done….I can pull the April Fool’s card if I need to. Drum roll please. The sexy six are…….

6. I was taught to swim by a mermaid.

5. I am an international traveler. One of my most amazing memories is making out on the deck of a yacht with a pair of hotties. They were traveling around the world on the boat? ship? and paused for a while near the island where I was living.

4. One of my Lovers had eyes the color of golden amber. Like a lion he was. grrrrreow.

3. I was a finalist in the Miss Guanaja beauty pageant when I was a teen.

2. I have tasted the rainbow and love sucking on skittles. Unabashed, unapologetic, bisexual here.

1. I once pee’d on a missionaries foot after he stepped on poisonous sea life. I saved him a whole lot of pain and infection with my rescue first aid.

Now what do you think? Confessions…..or …..Lies????

4 responses to “Confessions and Lies

  1. Ooh, fun!

    5, 4, and 2 are confessions. 🙂

  2. I’d add #1 & 3 to Abigail’s picks 🙂 Unless by “mermaid” you mean one of those ladies in an aquatic show. In which case, they’re all confessions 😉

  3. Ahh Cathy you are a funny one! And Yes a mermaid from Weeki Wachee taught me to swim!!!