Lies or Confessions?

It’s Wednesday, Hump Day and another opportunity for my version of Lies or Confessions?

What is the biggest lie you ever told?

Face it at some point in our lives….everyone lies. If someone says they have NEVER lied….Well, they are lying.

For two years when I was a teen I told my mother I was going with friends to the teen club in town for chaperoned age appropriate teen-aged activities — no doubt.

There wasn’t a teen club. There certainly weren’t any chaperoned or age appropriate activities going on where my partner in crime and I snuck off to for our allotment of weekly debauchery. What I was doing was, and still is (probably) illegal in 49 states. One never knows about California.

OMG it was so much fun.

My first experience meeting a drag Queen was in Tampa. On weeks the family went to Tampa to visit my grandparents I had a whole new level wickedness to participate in. My cousins and I would hit the road — hitch hiking all over Tampa. We met some fascinating people.

(Disclaimer, don’t do this people….you can be killed).

Sneaking out while everyone slept, we would tie a six pack of coke bottles to the outside handle of the back door to keep it shut and allow us re-entry before dawn. In later years I wondered what would have happened if a sleepless someone in the family had wandered onto the back screened porch late at night to get a soda? Pull open the door and a glass bottled six pack comes flying at your head, cold cocked with coke. We might have returned home to find police tape around the crime scene.

We were picked up about 3a.m. one morning by a couple of guys. We later learned it was a local drag queen and her assistant. Her press photos were amazing. She told us she danced at the Lion’s Den up the Dale Mabry strip. After she dropped us with a caution to be careful the police tagged us. They didn’t believe our story of the “brother” who was making us sit there and wait while he went up the block and dropped his date off in private. I’m guessing the cops thought we were hookers. However, my cousin’s breasts were to be envied by hookers for miles around. God gave her what silicone implants wish they could do. So, yeah, I’m thinking they had us pegged for hookers. We waited them out before hitching on toward home.

Acts like this are further proof that kids in the teenaged years have had their brains sucked out of their heads by aliens. There is no ability for conscious intelligent thought there!

*laughing* So what do you think? Lies or Confessions?

4 responses to “Lies or Confessions?

  1. Eden, what a pair we would have made. When I was 17, I started dating a 42 year old. For three months — until I turned 18 and became legal — I told my parents I was going off to music rehearsals every night for a play I was in. Oh, the trust I betrayed. Oh, the things that man taught me…. Current honey is oh-so-grateful!

    • *laughing* So, your vote is for Confession!

      I was AWFUL….Wicked, stupid. It was a perfect training ground. My kids can’t pull anything over on me. If my mom had known half of it! She would have been grey headed.

  2. Abigail Sharpe

    All confessions. It sounds like me, too, only shift it over a town to Clearwater. And we used golf clubs instead of coke cans.

  3. *ROFL* Oh Abigail. What a naughty teen you were. Golf Clubs? Oh my. And is this testimony to the insanity that grips hold of teen aged minds that we did such things?

    Humm the door won’t stay shut? Let’s tie a lawn chair to it???? OMG.