Do I hear a Rebel Yell?

Many months ago I pitched a proposal to Rebel Ink Press for their Halloween Anthology. I submitted my work on deadline and crossed my fingers, toes and other body parts until they are sore, held my breath until I turned blue. Not that I was auditioning for the part as Smurfette. (ewww I will skip the Smurf movie, but I digress.)

I received a reply and I am now a Rebel Ink Press contracted author for that anthology. Whoo Hoo.

I think it is quite fitting for this southern girl to find a home at Rebel Ink Press. They are a relatively new kid on the block celebrating their first anniversary (more on that later). They have established themselves as a professional team in here for the long haul. I have been very impressed with the quality of their authors and the manner that they are moving in the industry. Watch for them. I’m thrilled to be one of their new contributing authors.

More to come.

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