Weekend Dirty Dozen

It’s Weekend Dirty Dozen Time Visit out other Weekend Dirty Dozen Writers. Weekend Dirty Dozen with “The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp” a story in “Once Upon A Twisted Tale” Anthology from Rebel Ink Press.

Ike is faced with a choice. Will he continue to live a lie? or Choose Nathaniel. We are in Ike’s POV

“His whole life he resisted his lust to embrace the love of a man and was in the process of seeking marriage to legitimatize himself for security and as a blind to hide his true nature. The imagined sounds and feelings of Nathaniel’s thrusts so powerful his balls would slap against Ike’s ass made him shiver. Did he have the strength to reach for the life he really wanted and flaunt it in the face of conventional society?
“What shall it be, Ike?” Nathaniel ran one finger down Ike’s cheek, drawing his gaze.
Ike pulled from his musing and looked up at Nathaniel. The man was lean muscle, bronzed from the sun. His flat, supple abs supported broad shoulders strung with defined, long hewn muscles. His cock teased and flexed, brushing his abdomen in a persuasive offering. Adonis. He was a God. Ike knew exactly how to worship him.”

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4 responses to “Weekend Dirty Dozen

  1. Your descriptions are arousing. I like the words when Ike compares him to a god like Adonis.

  2. Thanks for sharing your excerpt!