Once Upon a Messed Up Evening

Whew, what a day. I only have this one day off my day job. We are settling into a new apartment after a disastrous failed relationship that brought me to Chattanooga, TN.

We are in the new apartment, unpacking, settling in. There are so many things to replace that I had given away because my girlfriend had better etc…. now out on my own again…well I find the interest in having pots rather integral to survival.

We are mostly unpacked that his juncture. I love my new apartment. We are putting together the little decorative touches that make it homey. We have the pot rack up. Starting to find places for the art work. All of my clothes are hung in the closets. Yes…. I have two. I am FEM and love it, so, yet two closets are cool. My plants are on the balcony. I planted lettuce today. So, many little things to do that help make it home.

I was so excited to have “Raynia’s Magic” a novellette published by Rebel InK Press, released in February. It feels good.

I am still working a grueling day job. Many parts of my body hurt, all…the….time….

And while I am recovering from a tragically, awful…. failed relationship….again…. there is always hope. Hope for a brighter tomorrow, hope for renewed love, hope for happiness with someone who cares, and understands my quirky nature.

Thanks for being a reader, friend and listening. I hope you enjoy my writing. Check out “Once Upon A Twisted Tale” with my story “The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp” and the novellette, “Raynia’s Magic” More to come. I have a couple of dragon shapeshifters that love one woman and want me to tell their story.

I will be blogging over at Sex Marks The G-Spot this month and also at Rebel Reasonings.

This evening, I broke my phone, blew out the power in my new apartment, ordered pizza for dinner cause…duha, no power….had to have the maintenance man come from GA to fix the power….. What a day. It was technically a day off work but I ran the live long day. Took my mom (she is in assisted living) and her dog on all their various appointments, tried to buy herbs to plant (they aren’t available yet), visited the bread thrift story, several trips to Ace Hardware, I think it is time for a shower…..lol
Come on over for a visit. Thanks for being a reader. I think it is margaritaville time. LOL


5 responses to “Once Upon a Messed Up Evening

  1. Moving is SO awful and I’m sorry to hear about the relationship. Sending you a big virtual hug and hopes that things will get better.

  2. Poor Lass….hell’uva day. Here’s to having a better next two days.

    • Bad to worse Wolf, my friend. I choose to be unsinkable, however this little cork is feeling a bit water logged.

  3. So glad you found an apartment that makes you happy. TWO closets? Awesome. 🙂

    My mind wandered the other day to those brown shoes. Are they still awesome?

    • You still want those brown shoes to fit you and be comfortable don’t you???? LOL. The brown shoes are wonderful. So cute and sexy. You can visit them any time. LOL