Bikers for Boobs Ride

This past Sunday I had the fun of participating in the 7th Annual Bikers for Boobs Motorcycle ride.  When I bought a motorcycle I joined The Fat Bottom Girlz motorcycle club of GA. My purpose was to have fun and learn more about riding my motorcycle.

I have notes for several stories that involve motorcycles and the men and women who ride them. I’ve been learning a lot that will be useful in bringing those stories to life.

The ride traveled all over Eastern Georgia. The theme was a Poker Ride. After gathering, we had five different stops to collect cards and try to build a winning poker hand. Our purpose was a unity to raise money to help in the fight against Breast Cancer.

The ride gathered over 500 bikers from around Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama united in this cause. FBGz had about 50 riders participate in the event.

I had hopes of riding my own bike in this Bikers for Boobs ride. Sadly, I broke down and was unable to realize that part.

A dear girl friend rescued me and allowed me to ride Queen on her bike so I could still have part of my dream in being in the ride. She has a new red bike, Miss Scarlet. She’s heard my story and understands why this was so important to me.

You see, I had breast cancer in 2005 and thru to 2006.  A full year of treatment. Then in 2009 and 2010 I was blessed with reconstructive surgery. My thoughts on the day of the ride revolved around the journey I have traveled as a cancer survivor.

The disease robbed me of my femininity while I underwent treatment and in the years before reconstruction. My most humiliating point was going into chemo one day, sick and bald.

A guy called to me “Hey Fella”.

He was somewhat deaf and his wife is trying to whisper. Ever try to whisper to someone you know is deaf?

Her voice echoed so loud in that hospital ward,

“Herbert, I think that’s a woman.”

I wore the pink camouflage bandana I wore bald, during treatment. My mother had breast cancer, her mother had breast cancer, and her mother’s mother had breast cancer. I am a fourth generation survivor. My Phoenix Tatt is symbolic of my struggle to survive all life throws at me.

I appreciate meeting more of the FBGz and value the friendships I’m making with “The Girlz”

I am healing.

I love my FBGz friends and the joy riding my bike brings me. I’ve named my bike Ta’loola. Yeah cause she’s a whore that won’t work without me spending money on her. LOLOLOL. But soon she will be happy and running again and give me lots of good rides.

Next year, I’ll ride Ta’loola. Next year I’ll look for some sponsors so I can bring in more money for the cause.

I have two daughters and a son.

I can only hope as my daughters grow and mature through womanhood with health. I hope that a day will come when they don’t have to fear breast cancer. They won’t have to fear mutilation to survive the disease. They won’t have to fear death and losing the lives they love.

Life is good. Blessings to you all.


Photos courtesy of photographers in the FBGz club as posted on their meet-up cite, and myself.

5 responses to “Bikers for Boobs Ride

  1. Way to go, Eden!!!! Looks like a good time was had by all, and for such a good cause. One of my aunts struggled through breast cancer, and one of my sisters is currently dealing with it (she’s beating it, thank heaven!). Power to you and all the FBGz!! Rock on! 🙂

    • Thanks Maura. Good thoughts and healing energy to your sister for continued progress in beating Cancer. The FBGz have been fun. A bunch of really strong, nice, thoughtful women.

  2. You look great. Sorry you had to be a Queen but there is always next year. My aunt had breast cancer fortunately she is a survivor as well.
    Keep on riding! Hugs

    • Well, I enjoyed riding in Pat’s Queen Seat. She has a new bike and it didn’t have a sissy bar. I held her belt with one hand and evidently hugged the bike with my right thigh. I have bruises from knee to thigh. LOL. Ah well.

      Congrats on you aunt being a survivor.


  3. Holly Martin reported “DRUM ROLL PLEASE……872 REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS AND OVER $73,000 RAISED with more coming in!! I’m speechless and grateful to God and you for your support of BBBC!! THANK YA’LL FOR THE SUPPORT…”