Promotion Secrets, Undiscovered

Catchy title? I have to admit I haven’t discovered the secret of self-promotion. That’s why I say undiscovered. I tweet, I Face Book, I blog, I guest blog, I pay for advertisement, I’ve had promotional video’s made, I’ve made my own book trailers.  It is all like so much unknown, at times,  frantic activity.  Somewhat like swimming in a blender.

I’m just a real person here trying to realize the dream of bringing my characters to life in hopes that someone will actually read the stories and enjoy them as much as I do. Oh and actually buy them rather than downloading them free from the pirates. I don’t think there is anything more simple or basic than than for a writer.

Yet, we are in the era of self publishing. It is alike a wild west frontier. The question so many authors are asking themselves is ‘How do I get through the volume of work out there (in all levels of quality) to get into the readers hands. I will say I am twice blessed to have found a publishing home at Rebel Ink Press.

However, we’ve all seen those sensations go nuclear. It’s like a cinderella story on steroids the way some books take on a life of their own with apparently very little effort and sometimes as a rather poor quality product. IMHO. A cult following arises and book becomes sensation, soaring to the top of the New York Times list, movies negotiations follow.

As writers, who’ve dedicated years to the craft of writing, we often shake our heads and….while being very happy for the successful princess of the day…. still…completely gobstobbered.  We think, ‘So n So’ writes such a better crafted story etc. the gobsmacked self dialogue continues. If someone could discover what causes the meteoric phenomena and bottle it? OMG We’d I think we’d line up around the block for a taste of the magic potion in hopes of a glimmer of the success.

So, at the end of the day. I’m just a girl with a pencil who writes and hopes to find readers who are pleased with the journey I take them on, between the pages of a book.

In the meantime, take a look at these video book trailers for a different kind of creative teaser to the stories I have out there for your enjoyment.

“The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp”


“Raynia’s Magic”

and a lovely introductory author video Rebel Ink Press did for some of their new writers

Rising Stars

Please feel free to share my website and these links with ANYONE who likes to read erotic romance. They are hot enough to make you squirm a little, fun enough for a laugh or two and guaranteed to have a happy ending. Come on, leave your safe world behind.


Laterz my friends


2 responses to “Promotion Secrets, Undiscovered

  1. Good blog lass….do you want to leave your safe world behind?

  2. Well, lol. There are many times I want to jump on my motorcycle and leave EVERYTHING behind. However, being the adult prohibits that. LOL. I like to think I leave my safe world behind when I write, when I take the risk to put my work out there for others to read and when I sit down and do it all again. LOL. Eden