Marketing and Advertising for Authors

Wouldn’t that be a great title?  I think it is a book I would benefit from greatly! Especially if it had the real answers.

Do you remember when “everyone” said e-readers; nooks; kindles; reading aps for phones and computers were a passing thing that wouldn’t last. A phase that would pass.

The self publication industry didn’t get much better credit in the beginning.

The combination of the two emerging in a simultaneous synergy has caused vast potential for authors. That’s the good thing and in some ways that’s the bad thing.

I’m an author. My publications are available via e-book format. I have opportunity because of the advances in technology. With self publishing that opportunity extends to me and about a bazillion other people. I chose to not self publish and aligned myself with Rebel Ink Press. I made that decision for a host of reasons that deserve a different blog post.  Back to the concept of me and a gazillion bazillion other people.

Every writer I talk to lately is asking the same question regarding marketing and promotion.




I don’t have any answers. I haven’t found anyone that has answers.

Does social networking work? Face book pages…twitter….web and blog…google +, Linked, author pages on manic readers, amazon, goodreads.

What kind of promotions: Do you give away stuff to readers? drawings for gift cards, kindles?

Promotional swag? T-shirts, mugs, calendars, book marks, short blurb books in print?

And for those published via ebook format. How do you do a book signing at your local library like the conventional published paper authors?

I did find this cite and I think there may be a wealth of information there to explore. It’s called Marketing Tips for Authors

The titles of a few of their blogs are:

What you should know about book covers that your publisher may not know.

The importance of your personal brand

Mastering your marketing: leveraging social media

Five tips for marketing your book on twitter

I’d love to year your comments on the subject. What do you do? Have you found it effective? How can you tell it is effective?

2 responses to “Marketing and Advertising for Authors

  1. Thanks for the link to the website. I haven’t published yet – traditional or otherwise – so I haven’t really jumped on the marketing side yet, other than to create a website and a FB page. The prospect of it is daunting, particularly when there is no good model available for what really works and what doesn’t. Although, the absolute best thing I think an author can do is to write a great book. And then follow it up with a better one. Because all the marketing in the world won’t sustain a career if the books aren’t any good. That too, of course, is very subjective and much easier said than done!

  2. Well, very true Maura. Write a good book and then write another good book is the first thing an author HAS to do. LOL After that we’re figuring out what works but often it seems to be overwhelming.