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Who is your favorite character in this book and why?

Obviously I love the main characters, but there are some side characters that really just pull at me.  Mr. Jeffreys, Oscar’s father is probably the most steadfast person I’ve ever written.  I’m glad I wrote him at this time in his life because after he lost his wife he wasn’t this strong.  He’s recovering from being a shell of a father with his son who in many ways became the adult in the situation.  He feels guilty about it and is now hyper vigilant when it comes to protecting those he loves, even if it’s from themselves.  His instant connection with Ellie and wanting to take her on as a family member is the first time that Ellie can feel unconditional love.  He provides an anchor for her that even her soul mate Oscar cannot provide.  Everyone needs a home that they can go to no matter what and Mr. Jeffreys is that home.

 What inspires you for your stories?

What doesn’t inspire me is a better question, it can be a picture, a song, a breeze that carries a scent.  All can turn in something.  I never know where or when I’ll be inspired I just try to keep the inspiration around for long enough to record it in some form or another.

Michel Prince, Author

Michel Prince, Author

  Tell us something no one else knows about you.

 I keep getting asked this question…I wonder if there’s anything left to divulge.  Hmm…lets see…I guess some people know this, but not too many.  When I was younger I spent a good six years trying to figure out a way to become an astrophysicist so I could work for NASA…and no I wasn’t 6 years old it was in jr and high school.  Yes I’m a nerd.

What genre classification would you put on your book and what would you consider the heat level of the romance?

 Genre…the thing that makes me grumble the most. Let me put this as my disclaimer. The only genre that really matters is the last one in the list. So hold on because of the way we have to tag things these days the genre for the Chrysalis series is a cross-over interracial paranormal romance. The first two books are interracial mature young adult paranormal romance. See why I hate genres. The heat level for the first book is three with the remaining books being between a three and four.

 When did you start writing and what kicked off your passion to be an author?

 Yes I was influenced by the Twilight series…more specifically Stephanie Meyer.  She made a comment in an interview that the series started because she woke from a dream and started to write.

That’s not exactly how it went for me, but it was close.  I’d written a prolog a half dozen times then finally after hearing her interview I decided to see what happened next…the flashback to when my two characters met became Chrysalis.  Since then I’ve just let my day dreams hit the page instead of just rattle around my head driving me nuts.


Chrysalis Blurb

In the annals of dysfunctional families, the Chisholm’s are working their way to the top. Drug abuse, an unwed mother with multiple fathers, and the questionable cash flow for the ‘pretty one’. All this from a seemingly normal, two parent middle class family. But were the choices truly made of their free will?

Bad choices are a Chisholm family trait, one that confounds the youngest child, Ellie, who’s trying to separate herself by making smart decisions. And falling for Oscar Jeffreys, the hottest guy at school, would be number one on the list of Chisholm family disasters. Yet the crazy part is it’s not a one sided attraction. Somehow Ellie has caught Oscar Jeffreys’ eye. Sure she could see the barriers between them. Race, age, popularity. They were at opposite ends of the spectrum. But a demon set to destroy her family? She can’t see that.

Oscar provides security and acceptance Ellie never imagined she deserved. As the passion of first love grows, Ellie honestly believes she has a chance to beat the odds and live a happy, normal life. Then her world collapses around her. With the help of a guardian angel, Ellie learns of a world that has unknowingly surrounded her for years. And she’ll have to find strength buried deep inside to save not only her future, but flush out and stop the demon in her midst.

And Ellie will have to learn that sometimes the hardest lesson about growing up is accepting that you’re worth more.

TheBeam_Cover-1smThe Beam Blurb

When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things.-Corinthians 13:11

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must put aside their childish ways. In the past year, Ellie Chisholm has fallen into the security of her relationship with Oscar Jeffreys, emerging with a stronger sense of herself. BUt now Ellie’s mother has started inserting herself into Ellie’s life, treating her as if she were a child even though Ellie has begun to make very adult decisions for her future. Having finally consummated her relationship with Oscar, Ellie learns the powers inside of her stretch further than vaporizing demons.

Maria, the demon bent on revenge, has been reigned in by God but that doesn’t stop her from disrupting and threatening those around Ellie and Oscar. Ellie becomes off balance as Maria switches strategy and attempts to destroy Ellie from the outside. Now the gauntlet has been thrown down. Ellie must help her family achieve positive change and finally break the tie between her mother and Gaap or risk losing everyone she loves.

Can Ellie maintain her sanity while walking the last steps as a child?

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  1. Super post – you pulled me right in. I can picture Oscar’s father and I want to meet him. Thank you!

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  4. Michel I was glad to have you by for a visit. I look forward to our association as fellow Rebel Elite Authors. Promise you’ll come back for another visit to promote your future releases.