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I’m honored to have DH Black visit my web today as the kick off author for our Rebel Elite Holiday Hop. DH writes edgy thriller erotic stories.

My Guest DH Black:


DH Black 

mafia looking man

I am so pleased to be a part of the Elite team at Rebel Ink Press. We were selected to be an exclusive group and will be bringing you some of our best work in the upcoming year. I have several already out in the Retribution Collection, which is a very gritty group of tales that weave aspects of thrillers with some erotic romance. I love writing about serial killers and monsters who prey on the weak and then find the perfect story to explain our every day heroes and what they have to go through to keep us safe.

I so respect what police officers have to contend with every day. The world isn’t always pretty and the criminals are not only conniving at times but savage as well. In the world of the mafia anything goes including all forms of sexual activity. They are notorious for being in the middle of prostitution and drugs. They also have been known to include certain aspects of sexual slavery. I enjoy writing about BDSM and have tackled many aspects of the lifestyle. My research has allowed me to talk to some Dom’s and societies where they practice the art and I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned.

We all know cops go undercover and at times you’ll never hear how deep they go. I’ve long since been fascinated with the things they have to do and certainly much of what we see on television is based on real cases BUT that in no means tells the whole story. They’re not going to. Sometimes they’re too brutal and then again sometimes some of the undercover officers almost become lost in their role.

What if going so deep undercover forced you to face not only horrible crimes performed against children but also brought every your darkest desires? Could you do it to save children? That’s the question I posed in Enslaved – the first in the Retribution Collection. While this story is a crime drama, it’s brutal and I will tell you not for the faint of heart. From BDSM to rape, murders to kidnapping, you’re going to find it. But you’re also going to find two spirits that are forced to face every demon together and love. But is it enough? Releasing from Rebel Ink Press on November 17th.



Shawna Wills was one tough white girl. Oh she could fight with the best of them, especially her fellow officers in the Philadelphia Police Department. And her sexier than hell half cajun half black partner, Steffan Myers knew how to protect her back. They’d seen each other through too many fallen relationships and murders in their life to even consider a relationship. But fellow detectives were slaughtered in a messy undercover scheme in Baltimore, causing the local Internal Feds to call them into action. The slain officers had pretended badly that they could be sexual partners in the most heinous BDSM slave club on the East Coast. They failed.

Shawna and Steffan were given an order by their superiors and they had one week to perfect it. Become lovers, learn the art of domination and submission and get an invite to work for the notorious sex slave club, The Black Art of Love. Run by the most notorious group of mafia and the owners suspected trafficking in underage runaways, they had a job to do. Stop the entire operation. Trained by the most handsome and elusive Dom in the city, Drake Simons, he teaches them to stretch their limits of love and sex. And Shawn begins her path down a road of submission – her secret desire.

The club itself is something that neither of them are prepared for. Voyeurism, public sex shows and multiple partners don the stage every night. And the owner takes an immediate liking to Shawna, desiring her to become his slave. His needs are simple and Shawna will succumb. As Steffan and Shawna’s relationship turns from a job to something else, their very understanding of partnership enters into a phase they can never turn back. And as Drake takes them under his wing and introduces them to the lifestyle, he becomes interested in joining their life. But can they survive the darker side of sex and bondage with their minds intact as a monster waits in the wings? As the girls are taken and used as slaves for the wealthiest clients in the city and from overseas, they fight to find the answers before its too late and before they’re cornered for their deceit.


The level of testosterone was too high, smothering all of them. No matter how much Shawna enjoyed a good sparring with men, this was no time to draw a line in the sand. She walked in between the two and scowled. “We’re here for a reason gentlemen. If you would like to play with each other later, I’m sure I can find you a large sandbox.”

Drake and Steffan stared at each other, daring the other to move before they each backed away, the imaginary line already drawn. It was Drake who laughed as his head slowly turned to watch the way her eyes danced from the interaction. “You’re quite the formidable woman I should say. My guess is your partner has his hands full with you.”

“You have no idea.” Shawna watched his cagey but knowing expression. There was obviously much more to Drake Simons than he was going to let them in on so soon.

“Come, let’s get something to drink. We have much to discuss and I’m required to begin your training today. We have little time and I assure you, Alesandro can smell a cop ten miles away.” Drake glanced back and forth between the two, finally leading them into the kitchen. “Coffee or a soft drink?”

Shaking her head, even the man’s kitchen was a surprise. Gleaming with stainless and granite, the room was inviting.

“Coffee.” Steffan kept his eyes on Drake, silent and brooding.

Drake shifted to look at Shawna. All the while watching her every body movement. “And you my dear?”

“Water is fine,” she said, her voice clipped.

While Drake prepared their drinks he talked casually. “So, tell me what you know about the Lugiano family and The Black Art of Love.”

Steffan looked at Shawna. She raised her eyebrow but remained silent.

“Detective Wills, surely if your partner found out to a very deep level about my personal life then you both know that I have a certain amount of police clearance.”

“We know enough that they’re responsible for illegal activities up and down the East coast. They’re tenacious, very well organized, have eyes and ears everywhere and are responsible for the killings of two fellow police officers. In addition, they are trafficking in under age kids for the sex trade. That’s enough to know that we’re going to get these fuckers.” On edge, Shawna grimaced. The reality of what they were and what they were investigating suddenly hit home.

Drake turned to her slowly, handing her the water. His eyes bore straight through her. “Please Detective Wills, may I call you Shawna?” Crowding her space he began again. “That information you can find out on the majority of evening news casts. I asked what you knew about how his club works in conjunction with those illegal activities.”

Something about the man was more than unnerving. Able to read her thoughts and push past her mask, what else did he see? There was also a blatant understanding from the other cops that allowed a level of trust and she wasn’t entirely sure why. “I…fine. The club while on the up and up for the paying members who enjoy particular proclivities that Alesandro caters to, probably fronts the slave ring by bringing in very special members including dignitaries not only from in the states but outside of the country as well. My guess is that while there are some runaways used, the majority of the girls are hand selected based on the particular needs of his clients who pay a great deal of money not only to see performances but to purchase these girls for their own harem of sorts. When the girls get out of hand or can’t be tamed, my belief is they die violently so there can be no witnesses. Alesandro is the kind of man that enjoys torturing and destroying women, especially the kind who challenge him in any way. Not only does he seek out spitfire type women but he relishes trying to break them like wild steeds. Tell me, Master Simons, am I anywhere close to understanding?”

Tick. Tock.

Drake clapped slowly bowing his head. “Very, very good, Shawna. You’re far more intuitive than I would have surmised. You’re correct on all accounts although I will say a woman as feisty as you know you are should be very careful using not only that language but the tone as well in front of any Master Dominator. You would be severely punished for your actions and Alesandro has his own particular brand of punishment.”

Why is it she had the distinct feeling that Drake wanted nothing more than to be the one to punish her? This was a game to the man. She swallowed and stole a glance at Steffan. Himself on edge, Steffan was giving her enough rope to follow her instincts. “Are you also that kind of man?”

Surprised by her question Drake turned, his eyes shimmering from contempt and moved to face her, barely inches from her face. Drinking in her musky scent he licked his lips and undressed her with his eyes. “Make no mistake, Ms. Wills. I will be your teacher, your trainer and your Master for the duration of this case. I will tell you what to do at all times and you will indeed obey me. If for no other reason than I’ll be the one to keep you alive. Nothing you or your partner may believe or think you know goes in this society. It is one within itself, very secretive and very protective of their own. If you don’t obey me, I assure you I’ll punish you severely but it won’t be anything like what Alesandro Lugiano will do to you and to that sinful body of yours if you cross him. He is the devil reincarnated. I’m nothing in comparison to that man. My teachings are about giving you the ultimate pleasure through trust and discipline.” Snorting, he shook his head. “While it’s obvious to me what roles you’ve easily fallen into, Detective Myers will only begin to understand how to dominate you and give your body and soul exactly what it needs. Only I can fulfill both your hunger and satisfy cravings. What you’ve dreamed about for long years. Only I can handle you the way you need. Your denial has made you insatiable. Famished. Perhaps during this training exercise your partner will indeed learn enough to be able to keep you happy. Perhaps.”

The frost in the room was heady. Shawna knew every pore of her body was laced with a concentrated level of his chill, yet the tingling in her pussy reminded her Drake wasn’t only astute in her perceptions but she was indeed very hungry. His words weren’t only haunting but she knew the truth and somehow, she also realized instinctively he wanted to be the one to teach her everything. Drake Simons wanted her in his bed. There was no doubt. She held her hand up slightly as she saw the killer instinct float across Steffan’s face.

Steffan inhaled deeply allowing a slow growl to pulse from his lips.

Drake turned to him and smiled. “You know I speak the truth.”

Hissing, Steffan clenched his fists but ignored the goading. “What do we do from here?”

“Very well. If you both agree you are to listen to me and follow me to the letter, we’ll begin. If you don’t, I’ll pull out of this operation. Being such novices not only places my business and reputation at stake but my very life and the life of my family. I won’t allow your insolence period. The Lugiano family believe themselves to be Gods, incapable of being caught and they knew exactly how to break people down. Am I clear?” Drake’s tone was demanding yet his voice was even.

“Crystal,” Steffan said.

Drake noticed her apparent resistance and her nerves and softened his stance. Gliding toward her he took her hand. “Shawna. I understand your apprehension. You should be afraid and I won’t sugar coat this at all. If you’re to infiltrate the club, you must be comfortable with your body and with your partner who’ll be only one of your lovers. You must also understand that given the recent police activity, Alesandro won’t take to either of you easily. You’re very correct that he’s infatuated with women. He’s also have to save face for fear of another incident and he will use your body.”

Shawna clenched and blinked several times. One of her lovers? Had she really not understood all the ugly details going in? At this point she had no idea.

“What does that mean exactly?” Steffan asked.

Drake kept his eyes on hers. “Your goal is to perform as your cover, correct?”

Shawna nodded.

“Of course you understand you’ll be performing a complex myriad of sexual acts including intercourse, oral sex, bondage, whipping, extreme toys, multiple partners including group sex and many kinky aspects of the life you have no idea about. They provide everything desirable and erotic possible to their clients. You do understand what I’m saying to you?”

While Shawna winced hearing his casual reference, she craved knowing and experiencing. She shook her head unable to look into his eyes.

“In addition, he’ll take your body himself, enjoying the pleasures of your flesh,” Drake added


“Probably in time but certainly he’ll taste you almost immediately. I’ve seen how he handles women he desires. Alesandro will use certain excuses and look for permission from Detective Myers and your partner must give that permission or your cover will be blown. The test will be immediate.” Drake gazed back and forth before continuing. “And he’ll also use me because I’m your trainer in a mixture of ways.”

This one is a little tame excerpt but it sets up nicely how the training is going to happen and the fact that the Master already craves his subject.

Hope you enjoyed…






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