Author Spotlight – Welcome Joanne C. Berroa

Hello everyone. I met Joanne C. Berroa through my Publisher, Rebel Ink Press. I was pleased to learn more about her to share with you guys today. I find her to be a very talented, interesting woman.  Here’s Joanne C. Berroa:

1.  For My Life, My Heart My favorite character is definitely Sebastian. He’s smart, sexy, and important. He’s a Colonel with the Continental Army and is in every way in command of himself and his men. He’s been hurt by his family and his ex-fiance, but he survived despite being outcast. He is protective of the heroine (Elena) and loves deeply and when he gives his heart, he is totally and forever committed. He’s the epitome of the ultimate man.

2.  I get inspired for my stories by imaging a time and place I would have liked to live. I think of myself as the heroine and then develop the ideal man for “me.”

3.  My late husband Paul R. Rothweiler was a multi-published author and we spent the days writing side by side. It was a very good time in my life.

4.  My Life, My Heart is a time travel romance, but could also be classified as a historical romance or contemporary romance. I write sensual romances, so I’d put the heat level at about 3.5.

5.  I began writing science fiction at age 12 and moved to romances at age 19. I always felt compelled to tell stories.


My Life, My Heart Blurb:

How does a brilliant and independent woman from the 21st century fall in love with a dashing colonel in the 18th century?  How can that love survive the test of time to live on through three centuries?

Elena Martin is a beautiful and intelligent time traveler who experiences the kind of love one only reads about in novels when she finds herself back in time during the American Revolution.  Sebastian Rogers is a ruggedly handsome colonel in the Continental Army who sweeps her off her feet.  Faced with the daunting decision to stay forever in the past or go forward in time to the present, she makes the ultimate decision for the sake of love to stay and forge a life with Sebastian.

But there are dark clouds on their horizon and Elena soon finds the need to return to her own century where she is strangely drawn to another man, Brett Darby, her Princeton University professor.  Brett harbors an unsettling secret—he can see and feel things that can’t be explained by reason or logic.  What powers do Elena and Brett hold over each other and why are their lives irrevocably intertwined?

My Life, My Heart is a novel that leaves the reader feeling good about love, life, and death.  It’s a story about endurance, hope, and a love so strong it defies time.


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Contact Joanne at her home website: “Where Tales of Old and Love Unfold”

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