Dar’kind Promises – Secret Eleven

There are two races of Fae people. The Dar’kind Fairy and the Daie’kind Fairy. While the Dar’kinds are dark almost gothic, the Daie’kind are fair and light like the Day.

Dar’kind Fairies were inspired by this piece of art by Anne Stokes. http://www.annestokes.com


However, the wings are different. But that is a secret for another day. LOL

In the creation phase I gave some thought to making the Dar’kind Fae people very fair and light in odds to their name Dark. They would have white hair. I thought that would be a twist yes.

However, an even bigger twist would be in their natures. The Dar’kind are the good Fae. They are honorable and embrace the light of the soul. The Daie’kind Folk are generally selfish and choose what will benefit them more than the greater good.

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