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Emma’s New Year Release in Two Days

“Emma’s New Year”

Vol 5 in “The Amethyst Desire Collection.” A Novellette, short read.

The lovely Emma got a lot more than she expected when her lesbian friend Georgia talked her into a borrowed necklace, a borrowed dress and attending the Queer New Year’s Eve Ball. LOL


I met Ameliah Faith through a contact I made with a lesbian reading group on Facebook.  She is a reader from MN who enjoys a steamy lesbian romance. Ameliah says of herself, “I crave the written word like other people crave chocolate.”

Not a professional reviewer but an avid reader. Just who I was looking for. I sent her an early ARC of “Emma’s New Year” for a fair and honest review.

Here’s what she had to say after reading.

“This book is a very sweet and tender love story with just a dash of steamy sex to enhance the encounter. I enjoyed watching the story from Emma’s perspective as she took the step into the world of Lesbian love. She is likable and endearing. I think we all understand what she goes through. Thank you for taking me on her trip Ms. Glenn. I will be reading more from you.”

Emma’s New Year TBR July 10th from Rebel Ink Press.  Check back here for purchase links on my books page when it goes live.

Thank you
Eden Glenn

Check out what  Sarah B another early reviewer has to say in this blog article.

Vote for which blurb you like best for “Emma’s New Year”

Emma's New Year-200 x 300Emma Reed needs a change from her stale boring straight life. Her lesbian friend drags her to a gay New Year’s Eve dance. There she meets butchy El Westin, out of her league and out of her comfort zone. The unexpected kiss at midnight makes Emma’s outlook start to sparkle and get interesting again. Emma has a choice to make. Is this a night of possibilities influenced by the magic of a borrowed amethyst necklace or is it a resolution in the making?
Other titles of The Amethyst Desire Collection can be found on my “Books” page with links to your favorite e-book vendors.
Vol 1 “Raynia’s Magic” a Contemporary Menage’ story M/F/M with some M/M –            A short Novella, 52 pgs.
Vol 2 “Beverly’s Secret” A Contemporary Lesbian story. – Novellette 24 pgs
Vol 3 “Phoenix Reborn” A Paranormal Lesbian story. A Short Novella  54 pgs.
Vol 4 “Shifter’s Legacy” A Paranormal Menage’ story M/F/M – Novella, 72 pgs.
Vol 5 “Emma’s New Year”
Expect more stories of this mysterious Amethyst necklace and the passion it evokes in the lives of it’s chosen wearer.


Phoenix Reborn Release Day

Release Day is FINALLY here. Phoenix Reborn by Eden Glenn. Published by Rebel Ink Press. Cover by Carl Franklin

Teaser Book Trailer Here


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Take a look at one of my favorite stories. Phoenix Reborn.


Phoenix shifter Phyro Khant, and her dragon bodyguard, Tameron Murphy, are two loners bonded together for love and safety. But their never-ending need to evade the dark witches that hunt Phyro for her Phoenix tears, blood and more, have worn them down and flat lined their relationship.

When Tam purchases Phyro an amethyst pendant from Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme, her efforts to imbue the stone with protective power backfires and grabs them with a spell previously coded into the stone. The magic ignites an inferno of passion the two lovers can’t seem to quench with any amount of sex.

Will their explosive passion be enough to teach them how accept the help they need from outsiders or will the witches win their final bid for power and take control of the phoenix magic?


Phoenix Reborn – Book Trailer Reveal

Phoenix Reborn will be available from all fine ebook vendors as of September 17, 2013. Published by Rebel Ink Press with another fine cover from graphic artist Carl Franklin. The book trailer teaser is available here.



Phoenix shifter, Phyro Khant, and her dragon bodyguard, Tameron Murphy, are two loners that bonded together for love and safety. But their never-ending need to evade the dark witches that hunt Phyro for her Phoenix tears, blood and more, has worn them down and flat lined their relationship.

When Tam purchases Phyro an amethyst pendant from Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme, her efforts to imbue the stone with protective power backfires and grabs them with a spell previously coded into the stone. The magic ignites an inferno of passion the two lovers can’t seem to quench with any amount of sex.

Will their explosive passion be enough to teach them how to trust in time to accept the help they need from outsiders or will the witches win their final bid for power and control of the phoenix magic?



Author Spotlight – Anne Eton

It is my pleasure today to welcome Anne Eton to my Author Spotlight.



I write first-time F/F erotic romance. I love what I do!

My stories always involve a woman who has sex with another woman for the first time. I write story, not just torrid descriptions of acts. I like to build the tension.

If you would like to know when I publish new books, click to join my New Release Mailing List at anneeton.com. I will not reveal your email to anyone, for any reason.

Thanks for reading!




1. Who is your favorite character in this book and why?

In The Beard I like Anna. She’s a very extreme kind of character: so outrageous and larger-than-life. The kind of person you either love or hate, you know? There’s no in-between. Anna falls for Kelly hard, it’s kind of love at first sight, and being Anna of course she is totally inappropriate from the get-go! Kelly’s shocked but deep down she responds to the kind of primal, reckless person that Anna is. I’ve never known anybody quite like Anna. Some come close but they are like a seven on the outrageous scale where Anna’s an eleven.

Incidentally, the audiobook will be arriving imminently and the voice actor captured Anna so well! Sexy, confident and naughty.

That is great news Anne! I also narrate professionally(as J.R. Lowe with Killian Group) and I can tell you it is a perfect moment when the author LOVES what the voice actor has done with the manuscript. E.G.

2. What inspires you for your stories?

True stories. Either I’ve heard them or read about them. It’s all grist for the mill.

3. Tell us something no one else knows about you.

 My favorite food ever is fried pickles! So good.

OMG! My favorite is fried pickles too!  Have you had fried olives?  There was a little pub down in Cocoa Village that would take different kinds of olives, stuff them with interesting kinds of cheese, roll them in bread crumb batter and fry those little suckers to nuggets of tongue succulent perfection.

4. What genre classification would you put on your book and what would you consider the heat level of the romance?

For The Beard I’d say the genre’s romantic comedy. I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5 on the heat level, just for the scene at the end. The tension between Anna and Kelly builds and when they finally become intimate, it’s pretty intense.

Sounds delightful!

 I find it interesting that you are exploring the theme of first time lesbian sex for your characters.E.G.

5. When did you start writing and what kicked off your passion to be an author?

In the mid-Nineties, I wrote a few F/F erotica and romance short stories but didn’t really do anything with them. It was just fun. When the self-publishing boom hit, I thought, “Huh: I wonder if I can actually earn something from writing?” So after wrestling with my insecurities, I began my career just a few months ago, in January. I do everything myself: covers, editing, you name it. Everything I’ve published is new fiction, by the way, I haven’t recycled anything from the old days! It’s been a great ride so far, and I’m amazed and touched by the thousands of people who have purchased my books. They are who I write for. I guess that’s where my real passion comes from.

The Beard

by Anne Eton



When tall, pretty Kelly interviews at Washington D.C.’s premier LGBT-centric lobbying firm, she claims she has a girlfriend. Nothing could be further from the truth; she’s never even kissed a girl. Kelly’s hired. However, a suspicious co-worker keeps inquiring about her girlfriend. To keep her lies straight, Kelly bases her fictional partner on Anna, an aggressive, gorgeous lesbian friend of a friend. But when the firm’s annual Christmas party looms, Kelly’s forced to produce her mysterious girlfriend. The real Anna agrees to be Kelly’s “beard”—her fake date. But at the party, alcohol flows… and Anna’s all over Kelly. Kelly pretends to her office mates that her “girlfriend’s” advances are perfectly normal—even as she feels her resistance to the beautiful woman melting away.

The Beard is a comedy with sexy scenes and some explicit passages.

First-time F/F erotic romance. Adults only. Over 15,000 words.


Kelly stumbled, tipsy. Anna guided her with a sure hand to the office supply room, opening the door and escorting her inside.

“Hey! Office supplies,” Kelly said with false cheer. She looked around nervously. “You need some gel pens? Ha, ha!”

Anna smirked. She shut the door behind them and pressed the doorknob’s button, locking it.

“Or paper clips, or toner,” Kelly babbled, casually backing away. “It’s a regular Staples in here!”

“Yes,” Anna replied. The blonde gave Anna a sexy look and flipped a wall switch. The room went dark.

“I think we should talk about expectations,” Kelly said in the pitch black, as if discussing the price of a car. “I admit, I did sort of use you for my own ends…”


Kelly felt Anna’s hands. The tall girl backed away; she came up against waist-high pallets of paper boxes.

“You see,” Kelly gasped, “I know we’re supposed to be pretending that you’re my girlfriend—”

“Yes… yes…” Anna murmured. She began slipping Kelly’s dress up as the taller girl moved awkwardly against the immovable cartons.


The Beard is available exclusively for the Kindle at:


The Amethyst Desire Collection


*****Drawing on Saturday, Raffle Copter below***

Thinking about jewelry and shiny things that I spoke of yesterday. Raynia found a nice sparkly thing that changed her life. Whoo Weee

Vol 1

Raynia’s Magic


Menage’ M/M/F & M/F/M Erotic Contemporary Romance.

Raynia Castellano is drawn to purchase an amethyst pendant as an impulse buy but not before the clerk assures Raynia the magic is in the woman, not the necklace that seems to call to her. And given Raynia has just left an adulterous ex-husband and has recently settled into a law practice with her oh so sexy and oh so apparently gay law partners, surely a little magic is required.

Vol 2

Beverly’s Secret

F/F Erotic Contemporary Romance


Beverly Carter, clerk at Salynne’s Crystal’s and Thyme could have sworn she placed the amethyst necklace in the display cabinet. How did the gem end up in her pocket? She’d have to take it back to work in the morning and explain her mistake to the shop owner.

Trying the necklace on for just a moment couldn’t hurt anything. When the clasp won’t release she has to call on her next-door neighbor, Makala Reynaud for help. A woman that Beverly is very attracted to but hasn’t had the courage to approach. She hasn’t figured out how to confess her interest without outing herself prematurely. Bev’s pretty sure the woman is a lesbian too. What if she was wrong? So Beverly’s been stuck, just as stuck as the damn necklace.

Then, Makala’s red lips were just too tempting, too perfect, too close. Stealing a kiss could open a door to disaster instead of the closet on her sexual preference. Yet, the way Makala accepted the kiss and returned it with unabashed enthusiasm blew that door off its hinges.

They spent the night talking and exploring sex every way and everywhere possible in Makala’s small apartment. Beverly had to wonder if the rumors about the necklace were true. Was this some kind of spell that might only last the night?  Could this be the beginning of something magical?

Raffle Copter http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/c5869e5/

Dar’kind Promises – Secret Thirty

Today is release day for Dar’kind Promises. I hope you have enjoyed our month of secret reveals about the story and the world created through it.

My work to date with Rebel Ink Press started with the anthology Once Upon a Twisted Tale and my short The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp in Oct of 2011.

NewHallAnth2CoverFINAL small one

In Dec, 2011 I was part of a collaborative team from Rebel Ink Press that wrote and released Paw Prints to raise money for animal rescue.200x300PawPrints

Then in Feb of 2012 Raynia’s Magic Released. I love this cover. I dream of having it framed as art work on my wall. LOL


Later that spring we re-released the Galloping Ghoul under it’s own cover apart from the Anthology. I think that cover is probably my favorite.


And today, Dar’kind Promises is released.  Maybe this is my favorite cover. LOL. Technically my fourth real launch. Somehow, for the first time it seems real. I have a giddy excitement and so much hope for the future.


So, that is my last secret. That I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. I hope the joy and anticipation never fades. Happy Reading

And just for a sneak peek  “Beverly’s Secret” to be released April 17, 2013


Dar’kind Promises – Secret Twenty-Nine

The magic of the fae people.

In the Human Dimension we each have talents and abilities that are unique to the individual. In the Fae race on the other side of the veil the expression of magic is similar.  It isn’t like you’ve seen in the movies where magic users learn specific spells and everyone can do the same things. Dar’kind Fairies have talents in different areas of magic and different combinations unique to the individual.

Maura has a talent with potions and herbs that we don’t have a chance to see in the story. She can influence with her voice. Maura is developing a collection of spoken spells and uses an unbinding one. In the Fae world magic isn’t some big snap, crackle, pop thing. It is seemless and natural like cooking would be to the average human. A little of this and a little of that to cause something useful to be created.

Dar’kind Promises – Secret Twenty-Eight

Future work within the worlds of dragons.

Dar’kind Promises will be followed with the story of Rhys and Haydn

Dragon’s Unbound (w/t)

Blurb Draft:

Haydn escapes the abuse of the Telihedran, the dragon shifter warrior class, from WyrmArach, his home dimension. He’s found refuge on the earth side of the barrier in the home of the healer, Isobeau. Trapped in the shadows of his past he works to demonstrate his gratitude through service to her cause. He denies himself comfort and pleasures offered by his freedom.

Rhys is immediately attracted to Haydn. He desires to help the younger man embrace his new life. Unfortunately, Haydn seems stuck, unable to grasp the happiness he craves. Rhys fears Haydn’s continued self-loathing will prevent any possibility of their future together.

Drastic measures may be necessary to convince Haydn of his worth and Rhys unconditional love for him. Events in their world are spinning out of control with the emergence of a human as Dragon Guardian. When they both discover they share a secret that may tear apart the leadership of their society. Haydn is faced with the choice to let go of his past and accept all Rhys offers.


The next story in this world I’ve jokingly called Goldilocks and the three Dragons. I know that is not the finished title. I just don’t have a title yet. It takes place in the other dimension. Goldilocks is a woman from the Earth Dimension who will travel via the Watcher’s inter-dimensional rail road through the veil like a mail order bride. Trouble is she doesn’t arrive at the right location to make her connections as intended. Her adventure win the wilds of WyrmArach and exploration of polyamorous love with three male dragon shifters makes for some sweet hot nights in the jungle.

Full length novels in this world have the working titles of Dragon’s Mark and Dragon’s Soul. I am looking for a third story as a full novel for the trilogy.

Dragon’s Mark

When sabotaged stairs drop new-age shopkeeper, Wren Aldridge, into the arms of Drakin Enforcers, Caleb and Ethan Monroe, she accidentally initiates a mating bond between the three of them. Much to her new “mates” surprise, the process of sealing the bond kick starts latent Dragon Guardian powers in Wren. Since mating with a Dragon Guardian is forbidden, Ethan and Caleb must protect her from those stalking her while fighting to keep the Watchers from secluding her away from them.

Their tri-bond union will help the twins overcome the doubt that has plagued them—a result of their unique dragon-form and an ambiguous royal heritage. The trio embarks on a hunt to uncover and eliminate the threat against Wren, while the two brothers learn to love her the way she yearns to be loved and help her find her destiny as their Queen and savior of Draconia.

This manuscript is a finalist in the FCRW 2009 Beacon Unpublished Contest and the 2010 Winter Rose Unpublished Contest.

Dragon’s Mark is in final edits now. I plan to seek publication for 2014

Dragon’s Soul is Kiernan and Isobeau’s story and is in draft form now. I hope to finish and seek publication in 2015

Dar’kind Promises – Secret Twenty-Seven

The sexuality of Fae Folk and Trackers

The Dar’kind Fairies have moved past rigid definitions of gender based sexuality. Touching, pleasuring and loving don’t have a prescribed gender. It is completely acceptable to have love between men and women, men and men, women and women, polyamorous groupings. Love doesn’t have the boundaries in their society that are found in ours. Parings can be temporary or permanent. Love and sexuality is very fluid. Possession, jealously and ownership aren’t natural concepts to the Fae. In a Dar’kind household it would be a completely natural conversation for one partner to offer pleasure to a guest. If the woman is attracted to the guest it would be socially acceptable for her to have sex with the guest to welcome them to the home. If the husband found the guest attractive he would join them.

For example. The husband would know the wife wanted to welcome the guest with sex. Her body language would speak the message. His love and attentiveness of her would cause him to see and interpret her signals. I use the term husband and wife because that is what we understand as humans. They don’t have the same definitions on the relationship that we do. He would tell the guest, “Elinaha wishes to retire with you and make you welcome”. Make you welcome means have sex with you, pleasure you. In turn the same rules would exist for the man and the woman would tell the guest “Mikahel, would serve you now and welcome you to our home.”  The opposite partner does the offering out of respect for their commitment to each other. Not necessarily out of ownership or possession of their partner.

In the event that both of them desired sex with the guest one or the other would say “We are at your disposal, please accept the pleasure of our home.” Now this work whether the couple is Male / Female or same sexed gender Male / Male or Female / Female.

It can become a fairly complicated social dance. If the guest isn’t interested in sex with the party who offers it they would say. “Your welcome is sufficient and I’ll rest in the peace of your house.” That means “I’m cool but I’ll sleep alone.” There isn’t really a concept of rejection. If the guest doesn’t want the partner who offers but would prefer the other that is acceptable as well.  For example in the first instance of Elinaha wanting to sleep with the guest, they would say “Your welcome is sufficient. Perhaps Mikahel would offer me the peace of your home.” In other words. Thank Elinaha but I’d rather have Mikahel. Now, Mikahel can decline by saying “May you find the rest our home affords.” Like “No thanks Bud you’re on your own for self pleasure tonight.

Or if Mikahel is agreeable he would kiss Elinaha good night and say to the guest “My hospitality is yours to command” or “May you enjoy the pleasure of our home.” Depending on his mood.

It’s deceptively simple and yet somewhat complicated at the same time.

There is no concept of lesbian, gay, bisexual. All is fair game in a unbiased way.

The Tracker people are much different.  They have really hard lines of ownership for their mate. They may be more interested in same gender (gay), or cross gender (Straight) or both genders (bisexual). However, once a mate is confirmed by the gods giving one to another as Divalents it is forever with an exclusivity that is not to be messed with. Someone might bear the scars of even an indiscreet look at another’s mate.

Matings are loud and primal and rugged. Often accompanied with biting and scratching to enhance the experience.  A mating between two trackers can progress in animal or human form. In cross gender pairings the male’s genetalia locks into the female’s for hours. He might even have multiple erections and orgasms while they are locked together.

What does this mean for Zelia and Maura. First off, they have some rock roads and miss understanding ahead of them for sure. I can see where Maura will have to turn away from the sexual customs of her people and embrace Zelia’s. At times she may be overloaded by the in your face forwardness of the Tracker people. Their choice of same gender mate isn’t the obstacle as much as their race differences Fae and Tracker. Trackers don’t even consider themselves the same species as Dar’kind Fairies.

I think some interesting days are ahead for the two of them.

Dar’kind Promises – Secret Twenty-Six

The superiority of the Fae People.

“The race of Fae were created to hold the world in balance. They are the peace givers bringing love and harmony to all they touch. Happiness springs forth from the magic of the Fae. Grace and beauty exude from the paths of the Dar’kind.” It goes on for some paragraphs about the mission of the Fae. It stops just short of saying they belch flowers and fart rainbows.

“The Dragon folk are a beast to serve the needs of the Fae when services are required for security and protection against less enlightened races.” That would indicate  in the delicate Fae way, that they feel the Dragon peoples are nothing more than hired thugs.

“The Tracker folk are amusing in their superstitions, yet possess useful skill in finding things that have been misplaced.” Another indication that everyone bows to the Fae race. Taken from the pages of the Dar’kind Fairy Codex of Indications.

To arrive at the place where the Fae and Tracker people work in a cooperative venture with equality like Maura and Zelia have on this mission indicates a massive political negotiation on both sides. Pride can be a terrible enemy to true understanding. This history also helps us understand why Zelia is horrified that her hormones are indicating Maura is her destined mate. It might also give us insight into why Maura grieves for the poor beast trapped by The Chosen without real indication of it’s humanity.