Emma’s New Year Release in Two Days

“Emma’s New Year”

Vol 5 in “The Amethyst Desire Collection.” A Novellette, short read.

The lovely Emma got a lot more than she expected when her lesbian friend Georgia talked her into a borrowed necklace, a borrowed dress and attending the Queer New Year’s Eve Ball. LOL


I met Ameliah Faith through a contact I made with a lesbian reading group on Facebook.  She is a reader from MN who enjoys a steamy lesbian romance. Ameliah says of herself, “I crave the written word like other people crave chocolate.”

Not a professional reviewer but an avid reader. Just who I was looking for. I sent her an early ARC of “Emma’s New Year” for a fair and honest review.

Here’s what she had to say after reading.

“This book is a very sweet and tender love story with just a dash of steamy sex to enhance the encounter. I enjoyed watching the story from Emma’s perspective as she took the step into the world of Lesbian love. She is likable and endearing. I think we all understand what she goes through. Thank you for taking me on her trip Ms. Glenn. I will be reading more from you.”

Emma’s New Year TBR July 10th from Rebel Ink Press.  Check back here for purchase links on my books page when it goes live.

Thank you
Eden Glenn

Check out what  Sarah B another early reviewer has to say in this blog article.

Vote for which blurb you like best for “Emma’s New Year”

Emma's New Year-200 x 300Emma Reed needs a change from her stale boring straight life. Her lesbian friend drags her to a gay New Year’s Eve dance. There she meets butchy El Westin, out of her league and out of her comfort zone. The unexpected kiss at midnight makes Emma’s outlook start to sparkle and get interesting again. Emma has a choice to make. Is this a night of possibilities influenced by the magic of a borrowed amethyst necklace or is it a resolution in the making?
Other titles of The Amethyst Desire Collection can be found on my “Books” page with links to your favorite e-book vendors.
Vol 1 “Raynia’s Magic” a Contemporary Menage’ story M/F/M with some M/M –            A short Novella, 52 pgs.
Vol 2 “Beverly’s Secret” A Contemporary Lesbian story. – Novellette 24 pgs
Vol 3 “Phoenix Reborn” A Paranormal Lesbian story. A Short Novella  54 pgs.
Vol 4 “Shifter’s Legacy” A Paranormal Menage’ story M/F/M – Novella, 72 pgs.
Vol 5 “Emma’s New Year”
Expect more stories of this mysterious Amethyst necklace and the passion it evokes in the lives of it’s chosen wearer.


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