Dar’kind Promises – Secret Twenty-Seven

The sexuality of Fae Folk and Trackers

The Dar’kind Fairies have moved past rigid definitions of gender based sexuality. Touching, pleasuring and loving don’t have a prescribed gender. It is completely acceptable to have love between men and women, men and men, women and women, polyamorous groupings. Love doesn’t have the boundaries in their society that are found in ours. Parings can be temporary or permanent. Love and sexuality is very fluid. Possession, jealously and ownership aren’t natural concepts to the Fae. In a Dar’kind household it would be a completely natural conversation for one partner to offer pleasure to a guest. If the woman is attracted to the guest it would be socially acceptable for her to have sex with the guest to welcome them to the home. If the husband found the guest attractive he would join them.

For example. The husband would know the wife wanted to welcome the guest with sex. Her body language would speak the message. His love and attentiveness of her would cause him to see and interpret her signals. I use the term husband and wife because that is what we understand as humans. They don’t have the same definitions on the relationship that we do. He would tell the guest, “Elinaha wishes to retire with you and make you welcome”. Make you welcome means have sex with you, pleasure you. In turn the same rules would exist for the man and the woman would tell the guest “Mikahel, would serve you now and welcome you to our home.”  The opposite partner does the offering out of respect for their commitment to each other. Not necessarily out of ownership or possession of their partner.

In the event that both of them desired sex with the guest one or the other would say “We are at your disposal, please accept the pleasure of our home.” Now this work whether the couple is Male / Female or same sexed gender Male / Male or Female / Female.

It can become a fairly complicated social dance. If the guest isn’t interested in sex with the party who offers it they would say. “Your welcome is sufficient and I’ll rest in the peace of your house.” That means “I’m cool but I’ll sleep alone.” There isn’t really a concept of rejection. If the guest doesn’t want the partner who offers but would prefer the other that is acceptable as well.  For example in the first instance of Elinaha wanting to sleep with the guest, they would say “Your welcome is sufficient. Perhaps Mikahel would offer me the peace of your home.” In other words. Thank Elinaha but I’d rather have Mikahel. Now, Mikahel can decline by saying “May you find the rest our home affords.” Like “No thanks Bud you’re on your own for self pleasure tonight.

Or if Mikahel is agreeable he would kiss Elinaha good night and say to the guest “My hospitality is yours to command” or “May you enjoy the pleasure of our home.” Depending on his mood.

It’s deceptively simple and yet somewhat complicated at the same time.

There is no concept of lesbian, gay, bisexual. All is fair game in a unbiased way.

The Tracker people are much different.  They have really hard lines of ownership for their mate. They may be more interested in same gender (gay), or cross gender (Straight) or both genders (bisexual). However, once a mate is confirmed by the gods giving one to another as Divalents it is forever with an exclusivity that is not to be messed with. Someone might bear the scars of even an indiscreet look at another’s mate.

Matings are loud and primal and rugged. Often accompanied with biting and scratching to enhance the experience.  A mating between two trackers can progress in animal or human form. In cross gender pairings the male’s genetalia locks into the female’s for hours. He might even have multiple erections and orgasms while they are locked together.

What does this mean for Zelia and Maura. First off, they have some rock roads and miss understanding ahead of them for sure. I can see where Maura will have to turn away from the sexual customs of her people and embrace Zelia’s. At times she may be overloaded by the in your face forwardness of the Tracker people. Their choice of same gender mate isn’t the obstacle as much as their race differences Fae and Tracker. Trackers don’t even consider themselves the same species as Dar’kind Fairies.

I think some interesting days are ahead for the two of them.

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