Dar’kind Promises – Secret Twenty-Eight

Future work within the worlds of dragons.

Dar’kind Promises will be followed with the story of Rhys and Haydn

Dragon’s Unbound (w/t)

Blurb Draft:

Haydn escapes the abuse of the Telihedran, the dragon shifter warrior class, from WyrmArach, his home dimension. He’s found refuge on the earth side of the barrier in the home of the healer, Isobeau. Trapped in the shadows of his past he works to demonstrate his gratitude through service to her cause. He denies himself comfort and pleasures offered by his freedom.

Rhys is immediately attracted to Haydn. He desires to help the younger man embrace his new life. Unfortunately, Haydn seems stuck, unable to grasp the happiness he craves. Rhys fears Haydn’s continued self-loathing will prevent any possibility of their future together.

Drastic measures may be necessary to convince Haydn of his worth and Rhys unconditional love for him. Events in their world are spinning out of control with the emergence of a human as Dragon Guardian. When they both discover they share a secret that may tear apart the leadership of their society. Haydn is faced with the choice to let go of his past and accept all Rhys offers.


The next story in this world I’ve jokingly called Goldilocks and the three Dragons. I know that is not the finished title. I just don’t have a title yet. It takes place in the other dimension. Goldilocks is a woman from the Earth Dimension who will travel via the Watcher’s inter-dimensional rail road through the veil like a mail order bride. Trouble is she doesn’t arrive at the right location to make her connections as intended. Her adventure win the wilds of WyrmArach and exploration of polyamorous love with three male dragon shifters makes for some sweet hot nights in the jungle.

Full length novels in this world have the working titles of Dragon’s Mark and Dragon’s Soul. I am looking for a third story as a full novel for the trilogy.

Dragon’s Mark

When sabotaged stairs drop new-age shopkeeper, Wren Aldridge, into the arms of Drakin Enforcers, Caleb and Ethan Monroe, she accidentally initiates a mating bond between the three of them. Much to her new “mates” surprise, the process of sealing the bond kick starts latent Dragon Guardian powers in Wren. Since mating with a Dragon Guardian is forbidden, Ethan and Caleb must protect her from those stalking her while fighting to keep the Watchers from secluding her away from them.

Their tri-bond union will help the twins overcome the doubt that has plagued them—a result of their unique dragon-form and an ambiguous royal heritage. The trio embarks on a hunt to uncover and eliminate the threat against Wren, while the two brothers learn to love her the way she yearns to be loved and help her find her destiny as their Queen and savior of Draconia.

This manuscript is a finalist in the FCRW 2009 Beacon Unpublished Contest and the 2010 Winter Rose Unpublished Contest.

Dragon’s Mark is in final edits now. I plan to seek publication for 2014

Dragon’s Soul is Kiernan and Isobeau’s story and is in draft form now. I hope to finish and seek publication in 2015

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