Dar’kind Promises – Secret Twenty-Nine

The magic of the fae people.

In the Human Dimension we each have talents and abilities that are unique to the individual. In the Fae race on the other side of the veil the expression of magic is similar.  It isn’t like you’ve seen in the movies where magic users learn specific spells and everyone can do the same things. Dar’kind Fairies have talents in different areas of magic and different combinations unique to the individual.

Maura has a talent with potions and herbs that we don’t have a chance to see in the story. She can influence with her voice. Maura is developing a collection of spoken spells and uses an unbinding one. In the Fae world magic isn’t some big snap, crackle, pop thing. It is seemless and natural like cooking would be to the average human. A little of this and a little of that to cause something useful to be created.

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