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It is my pleasure today to welcome Anne Eton to my Author Spotlight.



I write first-time F/F erotic romance. I love what I do!

My stories always involve a woman who has sex with another woman for the first time. I write story, not just torrid descriptions of acts. I like to build the tension.

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1. Who is your favorite character in this book and why?

In The Beard I like Anna. She’s a very extreme kind of character: so outrageous and larger-than-life. The kind of person you either love or hate, you know? There’s no in-between. Anna falls for Kelly hard, it’s kind of love at first sight, and being Anna of course she is totally inappropriate from the get-go! Kelly’s shocked but deep down she responds to the kind of primal, reckless person that Anna is. I’ve never known anybody quite like Anna. Some come close but they are like a seven on the outrageous scale where Anna’s an eleven.

Incidentally, the audiobook will be arriving imminently and the voice actor captured Anna so well! Sexy, confident and naughty.

That is great news Anne! I also narrate professionally(as J.R. Lowe with Killian Group) and I can tell you it is a perfect moment when the author LOVES what the voice actor has done with the manuscript. E.G.

2. What inspires you for your stories?

True stories. Either I’ve heard them or read about them. It’s all grist for the mill.

3. Tell us something no one else knows about you.

 My favorite food ever is fried pickles! So good.

OMG! My favorite is fried pickles too!  Have you had fried olives?  There was a little pub down in Cocoa Village that would take different kinds of olives, stuff them with interesting kinds of cheese, roll them in bread crumb batter and fry those little suckers to nuggets of tongue succulent perfection.

4. What genre classification would you put on your book and what would you consider the heat level of the romance?

For The Beard I’d say the genre’s romantic comedy. I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5 on the heat level, just for the scene at the end. The tension between Anna and Kelly builds and when they finally become intimate, it’s pretty intense.

Sounds delightful!

 I find it interesting that you are exploring the theme of first time lesbian sex for your characters.E.G.

5. When did you start writing and what kicked off your passion to be an author?

In the mid-Nineties, I wrote a few F/F erotica and romance short stories but didn’t really do anything with them. It was just fun. When the self-publishing boom hit, I thought, “Huh: I wonder if I can actually earn something from writing?” So after wrestling with my insecurities, I began my career just a few months ago, in January. I do everything myself: covers, editing, you name it. Everything I’ve published is new fiction, by the way, I haven’t recycled anything from the old days! It’s been a great ride so far, and I’m amazed and touched by the thousands of people who have purchased my books. They are who I write for. I guess that’s where my real passion comes from.

The Beard

by Anne Eton



When tall, pretty Kelly interviews at Washington D.C.’s premier LGBT-centric lobbying firm, she claims she has a girlfriend. Nothing could be further from the truth; she’s never even kissed a girl. Kelly’s hired. However, a suspicious co-worker keeps inquiring about her girlfriend. To keep her lies straight, Kelly bases her fictional partner on Anna, an aggressive, gorgeous lesbian friend of a friend. But when the firm’s annual Christmas party looms, Kelly’s forced to produce her mysterious girlfriend. The real Anna agrees to be Kelly’s “beard”—her fake date. But at the party, alcohol flows… and Anna’s all over Kelly. Kelly pretends to her office mates that her “girlfriend’s” advances are perfectly normal—even as she feels her resistance to the beautiful woman melting away.

The Beard is a comedy with sexy scenes and some explicit passages.

First-time F/F erotic romance. Adults only. Over 15,000 words.


Kelly stumbled, tipsy. Anna guided her with a sure hand to the office supply room, opening the door and escorting her inside.

“Hey! Office supplies,” Kelly said with false cheer. She looked around nervously. “You need some gel pens? Ha, ha!”

Anna smirked. She shut the door behind them and pressed the doorknob’s button, locking it.

“Or paper clips, or toner,” Kelly babbled, casually backing away. “It’s a regular Staples in here!”

“Yes,” Anna replied. The blonde gave Anna a sexy look and flipped a wall switch. The room went dark.

“I think we should talk about expectations,” Kelly said in the pitch black, as if discussing the price of a car. “I admit, I did sort of use you for my own ends…”


Kelly felt Anna’s hands. The tall girl backed away; she came up against waist-high pallets of paper boxes.

“You see,” Kelly gasped, “I know we’re supposed to be pretending that you’re my girlfriend—”

“Yes… yes…” Anna murmured. She began slipping Kelly’s dress up as the taller girl moved awkwardly against the immovable cartons.


The Beard is available exclusively for the Kindle at:

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