Dar’kind Promises – Secret Twenty-Six

The superiority of the Fae People.

“The race of Fae were created to hold the world in balance. They are the peace givers bringing love and harmony to all they touch. Happiness springs forth from the magic of the Fae. Grace and beauty exude from the paths of the Dar’kind.” It goes on for some paragraphs about the mission of the Fae. It stops just short of saying they belch flowers and fart rainbows.

“The Dragon folk are a beast to serve the needs of the Fae when services are required for security and protection against less enlightened races.” That would indicate  in the delicate Fae way, that they feel the Dragon peoples are nothing more than hired thugs.

“The Tracker folk are amusing in their superstitions, yet possess useful skill in finding things that have been misplaced.” Another indication that everyone bows to the Fae race. Taken from the pages of the Dar’kind Fairy Codex of Indications.

To arrive at the place where the Fae and Tracker people work in a cooperative venture with equality like Maura and Zelia have on this mission indicates a massive political negotiation on both sides. Pride can be a terrible enemy to true understanding. This history also helps us understand why Zelia is horrified that her hormones are indicating Maura is her destined mate. It might also give us insight into why Maura grieves for the poor beast trapped by The Chosen without real indication of it’s humanity.

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