Beyond All Boundaries

In Honor of “Blue Monday”

“Everything lost is found again in a new form in a new way. Everything hurt is healed again in a new time and a new day. She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes.” Pagan hymn.

This isn’t the first time we’ve danced on this pathway. We thought it a blessing but perhaps it is a curse. One lifetime wasn’t enough to love you. We looked for a way to extend the blessing of our love beyond the fragile confines of one life. We made the deal before we knew the ramifications of the curse. Now we are destined to find then lose each other life after life.  Sometimes we are close to escaping  the trap. Then, fear if the curse is  broken we’ll never be together again becomes too painful to conceive. So we continue on living a half life for the brief moments when we can meet and our love renew in giddy joy. Before the inevitable cycle of pain and loss begins again. The fates intervene and leave us to  live on shattered memories of a happiness that is too pure to be contained within the scope of one lifetime. Goddess willing the next incarnation will be different and we’ll find a way to break the curse. We’ll find the courage to truly be together for one full life.

Lydia and Miranda began their love affair when druids were a children and written language consisted of stick like marks on hides. The Goddess of All made a deal with them with her own mysterious purposes in mind. Now they are blessed to find each other over and over again through countless incarnations. Find, Love, Lose becomes the cycle of their seasons, the predictable pattern of their special curse. Will this life give them the strength to break the curse and love beyond all boundaries?

Genre: Erotic Fiction or Historic Fictionalized Memoire’

Unfortunately this story would not fit within the tenants of Erotic Romance. I’ve always promised at ‘Happily Ever After’ in my stories.  I’m not quite sure this story has a happy ending. Most likely there is only one place this will ever be written.

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