Dar’kind Promises – Secret Sixteen

At this juncture I’m more than half way through the reveal of Thirty Secrets about Dar’kind Promises. I have to admit at this point I am wondering what insanity possessed me when I thought up the Thirty Secrets plan. I hope you are finding the secrets interesting and revealing about my world. I have been reading your comments and appreciate the dialogue we’ve created.

So today, I venture into evil to whisper the secrets of the villian in Dar’kind Promises. He is vile, nasty and without moral compass. That’s what the Dragon Race would have you believe. However, that is only one side of the legend.

The villian is the hero of his own story. In his world he is “The Chosen.” His investigation and experiments are on the forefront of the Knights of Druiere’ and their battle against the monsters invading our world. The Knights of Druiere’ have fought against the beast for centuries.

Human kind is blind to the danger lurking on the fringe of their existence. An ancient evil is slowly infiltrating. Monsters have been discovered again. The Knights thought the wretched creatures exterminated. Yet, the ancient writings keep them ever watchful for the return of the Dragons. The Chosen took their existence on faith when the leader of the Knights of Druiere’ recruited him for the battle against evil. When he realized his place in prophecy.

One of the most significant things The Chosen has learned is how to bring the flying monsters down with sound waves. He gave the Knights lost knowledge, like the power of iron to bind the Dragon and weaken it. His research into the physiology of Dragons might provide the secrets that will save the human race.

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