Dar’kind Promises – Secret Twenty-Three

Recessives and Pleasure Slaves.

In the world of WyrmArach there are Dragon shifters in the warrior class and there are Humans that can shift to dragon, the ruling class. Of the human to dragon faction, there are some who are unable to shift to dragon form at puberty. They are labeled recessive and given to the warrior class as pleasure slaves to serve their every need. It can range from housekeeping to satisfaction of personal needs i.e. pleasure slaves.

As recessives have no value other than the services they can provide their owners. There are specific customs assigned to proof of ownership, transfer of ownership. Slaves are pierced and fitted with fettish chains of the house that owns them.

The Watchers on the human side of the veil run an intricate underground railroad to attempt to rescue those that they can in a judicious manner to avoid detection.

The culture of Pleasure Slaves will be revealed more in Dragon’s Soul – Isobeau and Kiernan’s story.

Maura says this about pleasure slaves in Dar’kind Promises:

She needed fucked and the fates put a naked whore on her doorstep. Some trick turned bad probably put the woman out of one of the other rooms. Back home, a person had to take ownership of their sex slaves instead of this random free agent shit, another plus for her culture, over this Goddessless place. The practice of recycling the useless recessives and giving them purpose and a useful place, win/win.

It hints that the use of pleasure slaves is well accepted even in the Dar’kind Fae society.

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