Author Spotlight – Welcome Joanne C. Berroa

Joanne was my guest back in December. I fell in love with her Time Travel Romance “My Life, My Heart”. She had a new book release on 02/03/13 and I invited her here today to tell us about the new story and a little bit more about herself.  Here’s Joanne:

For On Angels’ Wings:

1. For On Angels’ Wings: Lt. Johnny Morgan is my favorite character in this book. He’s daring and a risk taker. He’s not afraid to go over the top, thus his passion for flying fighter planes during WW II.  He loves deeply despite all odds. He’s the kind of man a woman would entrust with her heart.

2.  I get inspiration from imagining what type of man I would want to meet and ultimately marry. It’s fun to “create” life and take him from point A to point B.

3.  When I’m not writing (which is seldom) I teach piano and organ. I’ve been doing that for forty years.

4.  On Angels’ Wings is a WW II romance and a historical romance. Like my other novel, My Life, My Heart, the heat level is sensual and around 3.5.

5.  Two of my English teachers told me to make writing my life’s work. I won essay contests early on, but was always timid about reading my essays in front of the class. When I began writing full length romances, I’d make my mother read the chapters as I wrote them. She was hardly an unbiased critic, however, as she loved everything I wrote! That spurred me onward and I haven’t stopped putting out stories.


Blurb for On Angels’ Wings:

December 1940 found the world on the brink of a conflict greater than it had yet known, but for Anne Miller, USO band singer, the days before Pearl Harbor find her world full of excitement and promise. She had left the comfort of family and friends in Washington, DC to venture out into the distant and beautiful Hawaiian landscape to make a new life for herself and her fiancé, Corporal Daniel Beiler of the American Army forces.

Little did she know her perfect world was just an illusion. She didn’t expect to fall in love with a Navy pilot she’d meet at the USO dancehall on the eve of  “the day that will live in infamy.”  Her love for Daniel would be threatened while she fought with new and strange emotions for the brave and reckless Lieutenant Johnny Morgan.  How could she love both men, although quite differently, and remain true to either?  Will the outbreak of WWII tear their lives apart or pull them together in rain drenched islands in the South Pacific?

On Angels’ Wings is a story of desperation, hope, and fulfillment during the tumultuous years of World War II.


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Contact Joanne at her home website: “Where Tales of Old and Love Unfold”

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  1. Congratulations, Joanne! On Angels’ Wings sound wonderful!

    All the best,

  2. Thank you, Kathy, and thank you Eden for hosting me