Blue is the Warmest Color


If good movies evoke emotion then this one is a good movie. However, I’m not going to list it as one of the movies I’ve liked. The review called it a “seriously sexy lesbian coming of age movie”.

See Review:

Let’s start with that. Seriously sexy? If you like writhing and moaning and action that most lesbians would consider foreplay… then okay. Here’s the bottom line. Think of straight girl on girl light porn sex orchestrated by a middle aged man with lots of ass smacking and grabbing with the writhing and moaning. Yeah, you’ve got it.

And the director and screen play writer had a chance to write something beautiful that diverted from the sterotypical tropes of the lesbian movies of the 80’s and 90’s. You know the ones that conformed to the straight girl meets lesbian, great sex, great love, breaks lesbian’s heart and ends with tragic sadness and perhaps going back to straight guys.

Yep that was the plot in a nutshell. Same old-hat trope of the last two decades. Sad tragic ending of lost soul mates never to be together again.

The movie did make you think and it did evoke emotion. I’m not sure the feelings I walked away from the theatre with were ones that were intended by the producer and director.

This was not a romance. And my opinion as an erotic romance writer, it wasn’t even THAT erotic…unless you’re a middle aged straight guy. Then maybe it was erotic.

EPIC FAIL if you wanted a hot erotic lesbian romance with a happy ending.

I’d love to hear from others who saw this film. What did you think?

2 responses to “Blue is the Warmest Color

  1. Look, I’m all for diverse relatrionships, but I happen to be heterosexual, and blue is one of my favorite colors. I did not see ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’. I wanted to see ‘Brokeback Mountain’, but we have censorship in this city………so, like, because of this movie, I wear blue and I am tagged a lesbian? Ain’t gonna happen.

    • I’ve had to pause and think about this comment all weekend.

      Your being “all for diverse relationships” shows positive tolerance. The world is gradually fostering an atmosphere of tolerance. I hope.

      I’m all for heterosexuals too. I have many gay friends that enjoy heterosexual movies.

      Blue is one of My favorite colors too.

      I’m not sure what to think about your desire to see ‘Brokeback Mountain’ but the censorship in your town was too stringent to allow the movie to be shown there. I do remember the whoop-la it caused when first released. However, it is still worth seeing. It is available on netflicks, redbox, blockbuster. You wouldn’t even have to be seen checking it out. In case your ultra conservative neighbors would object. However, without spoilers…it has a rather sad story line as well. Grand cinemaphotography. The plot does note the sad state of rampant homophobia that still exists and the tragic consequences of being different.

      And to rest your concerns. Just because you like and wear blue…no that doesn’t make you a lesbian. Nor does it tag you … identify you as a lesbian. It doesn’t even note that you may be bi-curious. It’s all good. Feel free to enjoy blue.

      Thanks for commenting, Diane