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There are many opportunities for adventure in the Asheville areas of Western North Carolina.  Here are a few that I’ve noticed while reading the Sunday Paper. Yes, Virginia, they still make newspapers.

From the Asheville Citizen Times of Sunday November 12, 2013

Original article can be found here:

Paraphrased from the article. Audience Dies Laughing at ‘Zombies” Cullowee is hosting the World premiere of “Zombies on Campus! A Slaughterpocalypse!” this is a comedic play written and directed by a professor D.V. Caitlyn of the Western Carolina Faculty. It is a 90 minute performance bu tje WCU School of Stage and Screen at Western. It is being performed 7:30 nightly through Tuesday 11/19/13 at the John W. Bardo Fine and Performing Arts Center of Western Carolina University $7. pre purchase of $10. at the door. Warning performances have been sold out. call 828-227-2479 or see http://theatretickets.wcu.edu on line for more information

The Times said this is a “play within a play beginning during the theatre students’ rehearsal of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”.”

From the Western Carolina University Website

“The curse of MacBeth meets undead lore via vegetarian cuisine in Zombies on Campus! A SlaughterPocalypse!, a new play by D. V. Caitlyn.
It’s like a nightmare: An ancient curse cooked up in the University’s very own dining hall is ground-zero of an undead outbreak spreading right now like a super-virus across the entire campus! And the only thing standing between college life as we know it and a bloody apocalyptic slaughter is … a handful of theatre majors and some guy named Leon!”

Looks like a HOOT

Next alert on my HOOT Meter

Also in the Asheville Citizen Times

“Beward: ‘Possum Drop Critters have organized, planned rally”

Brasstown evidently drops a possum at the stroke of midnight on News Year’s Eve. Those activities have been protested and attempts to block the event by PETA have cost the state something like $75,000 in legal fees.

In answer to PETA’s concerns for frightened possums “Ahave you ever seen a possum that wasn’t terrified?”

Now I’m thinking possum drop is an exaggeration. Before you shriek in horror. It is much more like a possum lowering…slowly. The fireworks have been moved down the road. They shoot off the muskets before the star possum is brought out. Last year they had to put a picture of a possum in the cage instead of a real one.

However, back to the article at hand. Evidently the possums have had enough and desire their right to fame. The gyst of it is producing something like a possum right to work bill.

The quote in this article that had me rolling over and playing dead is

“Do you relize how hard it is to get respect and recognition when you have hair that is slicked down like Brylcreem, a pointy nose and a hairless tail?”…. “Now PETA wants to deprive us of our one minute of notoriety. We have a right to be dropped!”

Never fear the article continues, I quote “Clay Logan who holds the possum drop at his store ‘Clay Corner’ said he is familiar with Barkman (the man assisting the possums in their organizing right to work efforts) and the ‘possums’ organizational efforts.” He continues to say. “I’ve been in contact with this man and he has the ‘possums walking around my house now with little flags that say ‘pick me!” Logan Said “I think they may have formed a union. Who knows? Next time I might have have to pay my ‘possum.”

“Logan says he’s determined to hold a ‘Possum Drop this year, as it is the 20th anniversary. “This year is going to be big– we’re going to spend $200 or maybe even $300”.

It doesn’t end there. Evidently a “nocturnal rally in downtown Asheville” is planned for Nov 27th at 3a.m. It is suggested that “attendance may be sparse”.

Would I love to see a cult following organize and stage a major throw down at this rally dressed as possums with picket signs. That would really be hilarious.

I may just have to attend the 20th Anniversary of the “Possum Drop” this coming year. I mean the budget sounds like they are going all out.

Next for the holiday season. The annual Gingerbread House Competition at the Grove Park Inn. It will be from Nov 20th through Jan 2nd public viewing Sun through Thurs excluding holidays.  Parking is $10 and part of it goes to local charity.

You can never have enough gingerbread house fun. So, The city of Franklin, NC has their own Gingerbred contest planned for the holiday season. More information here on this event.

Happy Monday. Find Your Adventure

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