“Shifter’s Legacy” Coming this Spring from Rebel Ink Press

Addison has hopes and dreams. There are so many things that worry her. Cares she carries on her shoulders. She has fantasies too. Through it all she adores her husband Nathan and son Logan.

Her life is going to spin around when her husband turns one of those secret fantasies into reality and proposes to invite Duncan into their relationship.

Draft Excerpt

“Addison Barnes thrust the Jeep’s transmission lever into park with a ruthless shove. Damn Jeep. Damn fence. Damn wolves. Damn Nathan. She hated dealing with neighbors at dawn over a broken fence. Thank God none of the wolves had gotten out. The Jeep had required a jump to start in order to get into town. Right now the freakin Rescue was the least of her problems. Logan hadn’t been restless which meant she didn’t sleep either.  She’d put up with the pack stomping around her house till all hours last night, with their ‘I’m a werewolf shifter.’ Oh so holier than thou lowly human attitudes. Then, Nathan’s irascible temper like he was P.M.S.ing at whatever they were grousing and complaining about. Half she’d not understood and half she’d ignored. She was sick of taking that damn high road.”


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