Shifter’s Legacy a Character Reveal for Wolf Moon

In Shifter’s Legacy, we get a visit from Makala and Beverly, “Beverly’s Secret”. They are wrangled into baby sitting Baby Logan to allow Nathan and Addison their weekend romantic getaway. Only Nathan knows about Duncan’s invitation to the party. Fireworks ensue on that regard. But back on task.

Draft Excerpt:

“Makala tried to ignore the shrill ring of the phone. The sound screamed at her in counter rhythm with the Oh Shit internal litany pounding at her temples.

Beverly held the ringing phone out to her. “Makala! The phone is ringing again. It’s Nathan. You can’t keep ignoring his calls. It’s the first time they’ve left Logan overnight. They’re bound to worry.”

Makala shook her head. No way she could talk to him. It was up to Bev. She answered, “Hi Nathan” -a little too bright. Makala couldn’t hear his side of the conversation and wasn’t sure she wanted to.

Bev responded. “Yes, yes everything is fine here. We’ve been playing with Logan. He’s such a little animal… “She paused, listening. “Hmm, oh yes, having fun. You wouldn’t know him… Sure, sure everything is fine here. You two don’t give it a thought. Enjoy your weekend. Bye now.” Bev disconnected the call and walked over to where Makala was standing to join her in staring at the evidence of the little white lie.”

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