Challenges of Edits “Shifter’s Legacy”

I’m living in edit Hell. Most writers know where I am. They may even be here too. However, one is always alone in edit hell.  Well wishers try to assist, but it is a solitary place that’s almost impossible to get out of with help. These decisions are mine and mine alone.

These lovely concepts are ones I’m grappling with today.

What would werewolves argue about in a pack meeting?

What really is vivacious? How would you describe it through action. How would someone act that is vivacious and the reader get vivacious?

In the pursuit of good, better, great, AWESOME FANTASTIC THE ANGELS ARE SINGING…the first answer isn’t always the best answer. And so I ponder and think and ponder. That perplexed face staring at the computer screen really is me working.

I am dealing with the buzz of was, was, was and the ringing tingle of ly, ly, ly.

Tweaking words to stronger choices, clearer choices. Saying more, saying less. Oh it does make my wee head spin.

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