Wolf Moon – A Reveal of “Shifter’s Legacy”

Nathan Barnes has a journey. He’s working hard to assemble all the wolf shifters he can find in the small rural area. Some days it is much like hearding cats.

“He counted silently to ten while he composed his thoughts into the response his pack needed. Leaders led, which didn’t mean explaining every decision. What it did mean was seeing to the needs of his pack. Tempers continued to flare around the living room of the modest farmhouse, headquarters of the Chinsequet Wolf Rescue.”

Photo : Clkr.com 

Nathan is learning to be a leader and he is going to make mistakes along the way. Quinten has always pushed to be the pack’s second in command. Most days he’s there waiting for Nathan to fail so he can take control of the pack.

Nathan is a new father. His son Logan is about nine months old. He’s a good father and finds himself torn. His wife fears the day their baby might exercise his genetics and shift. Yet, Nathan longs for that day as proof. It will mean continuation of their subspecies. Proof that shifters can breed with humans without it meaning extinction.

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