Write On The Edge

AA012103I was a guest on the “Write On The Edge” radio show sponsored by the Writers On Line Network. It was loads of fun. Since it was at 11pm eastern time we got to enjoy the late night fun. How many shots did I have to drink for saying secret words? I’m not sure. I certainly needed a sip to cool down after discussing fantasy menage’s from the Walking Dead T.V. show on AMC. LOL


Vicktor Alexander and Elsa Pendragon were awesome hosts.  They tried to ply me with laughter and alcohol to gain all my secrets. They pried most of them out, from my fan girl crust to biggest guilty secret.

Here is one they missed.

If you were a paranormal creature what would you be (wolf shifter, lion, elf, fairy, etc.)


Some days I’m a dragon. Other days I’m a Phoenix. I’ve been one of the fae folk and a wolf shifter. Ohh once I was an exquisite Snow Leopard.

That’s the benefit of writing fiction. I can be what ever I want to be! LOL


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