New Web Page – Debut

Hello my friends.

I’m spending the day in the mountains and since my mind can’t seem to focus on what I SHOULD be doing…which is WRITING/EDITING, “Dragon Guardian” …er ahhh.  Well, I redesigned my web page.

A lot of the previous plug in’s that WordPress offers did not work on the new template. Take a look and let me know what you think about it.

I’d love to have your comments from a reader stand point, or marketing and promotion, or just your opinion.

I’d have extra “LOVE” if someone could tell me how to get a WordPress template that has a way to put the book covers on the page and link to a background page for the blurb etc I’d be ever so happy. Right now the books page scrolls down. That’s fine when you only have two or three books. I’ve not got six and three more coming this spring. It’s getting a bit cumbersome!

So that is all my friends. Make I can dig into those edits now. I am anxious to hear your comments. There might be a prize for the best comment of the weekend!


4 responses to “New Web Page – Debut

  1. Here is how you do the link of the cover to another page:

    1. Bring the cover into your media library.
    2. Embed it within your post.
    3. Click on the image and select editing.
    4. Go to “Link URL” and enter the link you want to use for your blurb.
    5. If you want the blurb to open in another tab click on the “Advance Settings” tab, then scroll all the way to the bottom and click the “Target: Open Link in a New Window” box.
    6. Press Update.

    This will turn your picture into a hyperlink and take a user to the blurb.

    • Excellent ~! Thank you. I think I’ve got it.

    • That’s good information to know. When I get time to breath I am going to try that. Will this technique work to link the photo on the “Book” page to a page with additional material…like excerpts etc.? I guess I would have to create a page for that material and somehow keep it hidden so it doesn’t come up on the tool bar. I’m going to have to do some experimenting.

      • You’d have to set that up in a separate page and link to it. I can look into that a little more, because I’m a little rusty on it. But you don’t need to link that page directly to the tool bar–I don’t believe.