Marketing for Authors – Two

The first topic I think we should tackle is Social Medial. Time Sucker or Revolution / Image Builder or Implement of SELF DESTRUCTION!

DISCLAIMER; You know I’m pretty strong natured, opinionated. So everything I say from here on out is IMHO i.e. In My Humble Opinion.

I started as an author with a “My Space” Page. Okay, stop laughing long enough to read this post.  That’s all there was way back then when dirt was young and computers had just evolved from a string of beads in a rack (abacus for the children).

Then someone hit me up on “My Space” and said hey, I’m over on “Facebook” it’s pretty cool, come on over. I did because of course I’m an early adopter in technology.  A lot…. A whole lot of folks said — I don’t like it as much because you can’t do as much with it as you can “My Space”.

I said quit laughing.

We all now know how THAT story has ended. IMHO

Seriously, social media. Some people love it, some people hate it.

Here is a fun list of all the social media places I can be found. The Facebook page is the anchor for the first grouping.


(looks at list again) I might have forgotten and left some off the list. Humm. I’ve actually found authors with more social networking sites than I have. So, I’ve got a few more to investigate. Some of you are thinking I’ve lost my mind. Maybe I have.

But in college I learned that people absorb information in different ways. Some of them are readers, others listeners, others hands on.  People are going to live “cyber-world wise” and “solid-world wise”  where they are comfortable. IMHO

I want my information to be out there where they can receive it best and most comfortable for themselves.  Someone who is very graphic oriented might see my cover on Deviantart and jump on my website.  Someone in the solid world might want a book in their hand and find me at a book signing at a local library, public speaking event or author event in a book store. IMHO

So I’ve linked these together through Facebook to make it easier for me to manage them.  For the most part. The others just require updates when a new book releases.

Now a soap box speech about these various worlds. IMHO – I have seen authors melt down their career in ten seconds on FB or Twitter, because of what they said or how they acted (on a social media site).  These are places where you have ONLY words to present who you are. (for the most part…maybe a couple of pictures. Please dear god no boob and dick shots.)

So watch well the words you type here, er there… because you don’t want to have to eat them over and over again. The internet never goes away (till the Zombie Apocalypse starts) and someone is always watching. IMHO

It is a really easy place to tell too much and that is fine line between sympathy and everyone thinking you’re a high maintenance wierdo kook. If you don’t know where that line is….and believe me, you usually DON’T know where that line is. So, keep it shut about your negative reaction to bad reviews and anything else that might haunt you. IMHO

I’ve not done business with people because they turned on the Jesus-freak too loud on their professional page. I’m spiritual don’t get me wrong but there is a fine limit between enough and way too much. There isn’t much in between ground.

I have a friend. We’re going to talk about her personal page for a moment. I’ll leave her anonymous. She’s an atheist. She attends a little church for community and fellowship. It’s not a mainstream Holy Roller christian church. So, she started posting little snippets about what was going on. She’s part of that community, it’s part of her life.  A family member unfriended her because, she was “TOO religious.” Seriously. (insert significant outrage here and no IMHO)

Another person disassociated from her because she isn’t religious enough, cause she’s an atheist.  Are you seeing the fine line here? Now this is her personal page and anyone can go hang for all I care. But if we are talking about your professional page…humm something to think about.

Perception is a very individual thing. And, perception is reality.

Okay so what if it was a professional author page.  You’ve got someone out there telling everyone. “Yeah I really liked her at first  but she got TOO religious (TOO political, pagan, puppy rescuer … substitute what you like).  See what I mean? Now I’m not saying to not put personal flavor on your page. I do. I just don’t post 25 pictures of puppies that need rescued before they’re euthanized.

Woosa, people find balance. And yet I run that same risk with someone reading this blog and saying. “I really liked her at first but she’s just so snarky.” IMHO. LOL

I figure one political rant is worth two puppies are gonna die pictures. You’ve got to find your own balance.  What’s I’m saying is HEY Don’t be a nutzo extremist on any subject.

Remember THIS is a PROFESSIONAL image you are building here. Party girl pictures with your boobs and ass hanging out and you’re wasted on tequila last Friday night– probably won’t improve your image.  I guess maybe that comes down to knowing your audience. LOL Okay if you’re a stripper maybe, post away.

People will buy your books from all walks of life so don’t make yourself appear to be too narrow and exclude the wider variety of customers from relating to you.  How many times have I heard?….okay…okay…I was on a roll and I was going to say a negative but I stopped myself. Let’s turn it around.

How many times have I heard? “I met her at a book signing (elevator, restaurant, youtube video, grocery store, readers cyber chat room, Zombie Run, readers FB page…substitute where every you meet people and it’s everywhere solid world and cyber world) “and she was such a nice person. I’ll read anything she writes and tell everyone how nice she is and to buy her books.” I think you get the idea. If you don’t then you’ve missed the train and you might catch a bus over at 23rd and Main and you can hit up the drive to buy one of your books you’re lugging around in that shopping bag to sell to any unsuspecting stranger that makes the mistake of making eye contact with you. IMHO. Yet I digress once again.

Now, and a big whoa Nellie, Social networking is not I repeat, Not spaming people and shoving news of your latest release down their throats.  Social networking is just that, networking  and making relationships.

Oh heck. Questions anyone? Comments. Let’s fire it up with some discussion! I’m not an expert. That’s why I’ve kept my comments framed with IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)










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  1. Thanks for reminding us to be careful and mindful of what we post.