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Valentines Love

Today, I would love to hear from you guys. Tell me about something romantic that you’ve had someone do for you, or you have done for someone else….even something that you’ve heard about or read about.

This post I made about my son in law, has to be one of the most romantic things I’ve hear about for some time. Take a look back and see what that sweet man did for my daughter. HERE Of course, it talks about my wee little grandson also….LOL

When does love flourish and bloom, compared to withering on the vine for an almost ‘love’?

To tell you the truth, I can’t really think of a romantic moment that I’ve actually experienced first hand. Somehow that seems rather sad. I’ve thought about it for awhile preparing this post. I’m not sure if I’m just too mehhh at the moment to remember that special moment in the past. IDK I should keep a journal and write these things down… I could do it on the web and call it a web log…hummm weblog is very awkward… perhaps there is something better to call it… AH perhaps a wee blog. That would do. LOL

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Valentines Blog Hop

It is finally here. The Valentine’s Blog Hop. Take a look and visit with the hundreds of fantastic authors taking part in this weekend’s blog hop. Check it out HERE.

Valentines Day. There were many years I didn’t care much for the celebration of this day. Commercial, made up holiday that it is. Yet, somewhere in my heart is mushy romance that says awwww, lovers need a day to celebrate. Cupid’s arrow struck my heart and here I am, an erotic romance author.

I’ve been told that I am hedonistic, silly, ungrounded. I don’t think any of those words were meant in a flattering way.

Bottom line, I love honest and open, without reservation. Once I love it is unfettered and with complete abandon, my lover’s heart to mine.

I guess that is why when, love fails, and they take back their heart from mine….somewhere deep inside me there is a huge piece of imaginary velcro that sticks their heart and mine together. So, the loud velcro ripping sound….imagine that with pain attached, bone melting, soul shredding, rending pain as their heart rips from it’s special place near mine.

Ha, Didn’t mean for a post about love to turn to one of horror. LOL.

Thankfully my characters all face their blackest moment like the one above but survive it and come through the pain together with their lover, or lovers intact. That IS the wonderful thing about fiction. There are happily ever after endings. I require it to be so. LOL