Being a Survivor

Being a survivor is a process.   Similar to our writing we continually edit and re edit toward a finished product.

As a Cancer survivor  I am an evolution without end.  The end would be bing bing bing, game over.  I’m not rushing toward a final destination.  Even the word survivor indicates a continuation, an endurance of all things.

So, my trek continues, thankfully.

November/December has brought the blessing of beginning reconstructive surgery to begin another phase of healing from the impact of the big C.

I prepared for the surgery over the past couple of years.  I began weight watchers to learn to eat nutritiously.  I didn’t care about losing weight or thinking about a DIET mode.  I just wanted to control food for a change.  The added benefit was I did loose about 40 pounds.

I realized the scar from the cancer surgery was a continual reminder of all the awful stuff that had happened to me during that time.  Now the scar is gone.  I am beginning to feel whole again on the outside.  Perhaps that will allow me to heal and feel whole on the inside as well.

In the mean time I thought I would accomplish so much writing while being off work on medical leave.  That hasn’t proved to be the case.  However, my CP and I are moving through edits on our individual finished manuscripts from last year.  My WIP with the working title of Dragon’s Mark is getting my attention for editorial overhaul and polish.  At the same time I am plotting and sketching notes for the next in the series, Dragon’s Soul.

Much like my fictional heroines I am strong, resiliant and in search of my own path, my own destiny, my own happily ever after, one day at a time.

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