Contest Final

I am so thrilled.  Word just came through that Dragon’s Mark has finaled in the Beacon Unpublished Contest hosted by First Coast Romance Writers a chapter of RWA.

It is the third book I’ve written.  This is the second contest I’ve entered.  Last year I entered the Beacon with a Contemporary Suspense manuscript.  This year I wrote Dragon’s Mark and entered it into the Beacon contest as well as the Golden Heart.

I am doing the happy dance and squeee like a fan girl.

Fingers and toes and eyes crossed for the final round to be announced in Feb, 2010.  Not to mention how much I hope it will do well in the Golden Heart.

7 responses to “Contest Final

  1. donthangupthequill

    I know it’s been two weeks, but SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEing right along with you. Good luck!


  2. Just thought I’d drop in and check out the competition ; )

    Good luck in the Beacon finals and the Golden Heart!

    another finalist

    • Hey Cathy! Congrats on your final. Was your MS entered in the paranormal division as well? Tell me your title and division

      Thanks for dropping by. I don’t have the heart of a blogger but Marcella says I need to build platform. lol

  3. Yes, I will probably burst waiting for the final results. I’m at least third.

  4. Hello again!

    My entry is “Bad Girl,” a futuristic/sci fi. So we are going head to head : )

    Yes, waiting is the hardest part. But like you, I know I’ll be at least third : )

    I know blogging helps to build a platform and a following, etc, so I try to post every week or so, but it’s not always easy. Still, I guess it’s part of this writing thing too, eh?


    • That is so cool. I didn’t get to read any of the paranormal entries. I judged some of the YA; Inspirational; Chick Lit. There were some really Great entries this year. I’ll come over and take a look at your web. I’m hoping to be a little more diligent in posting this year. I’m also on face book.

      Did you also put your entry in the Golden Heart? I got into that and I’m getting ready to send off to the Winter Rose. That will probably have to do me for this year. lol

      Great to meet you. Good luck in the Beacon.

  5. I’ve enjoyed judging contests in the past, for the most part. Sometimes the entries are astounding and I think “thank goodness I’m not going agaist THIS fab piece” : )

    I haven’t entered the Golden Heart. Missed the deadline this year. Oh well.

    I’m on facebook too, so maybe we should find each other : )

    Great to meet you too! And best of luck!