My SIL A Real Romance Hero

My SIL and Daughter before Sky Diving last fall prior to his leaving for a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Last October, the time came when he was called up for his turn to serve in the desert.

He had this photo enlarged and made into a canvas print. He sent it to her for their anniversary. They’ve missed all their first’s this year. First Thanksgiving, First Christmas, First Anniversary.

Finally, he returns from Afghanistan in roughtly eight more Monday’s –give or take, based on any changes the Marine’s may make. He made the Yahoo News letting off steam in the tire rolling contest.

My first thought was that the tire would roll much easier the other way. My daughter explained that evidently the point is flipping it over and over. My SIL is a big guy so that tire is a monster.

My daughter is anxious for him to return home safe. We all are. He adores Caylen and treats her like a queen. He’s a man among men and so my hero for this Sunday, and most any day, is My Son In Law, Robert Gallini, Alpha Marine. A real romance hero.

3 responses to “My SIL A Real Romance Hero

  1. I love the picture of them cuddled together! So sweet.

    (I got confused because when I read SIL, I thought Sister-in-law. 🙂

    • They were on the field for HOURS waiting for him to be taken away. It had to be heart shredding.

  2. Caylen Gallini

    I love the blog mom! I am so excited for his return to the states, and me of course! haha

    I keep telling myself “Separated by distance, but never at heart!” It kind of helps put a band-aid on the fact that we did miss all of those special “firsts” together, and thinking about it now, he did manage to make February a pretty special month for me.

    He is definitely my hero!