Fantasy Man Monday

Monday needs a boost to start the week.

How about this Fantasy Man Monday candidate.  How do you like your heroes.  Clean shaven? Scruffy? With a mysterious bad boy edge?

I have grown up around cowboys and rough workmen.  I’ve seen a lot of things I might not have wanted to.  The standing joke of crack attack didn’t put me in mind of anything I wanted to see.

However, this cowboy puts a whole different twist on that old stereotype. And so model Alexandre Carneiro gets my vote for Fantasy Man Monday

I think it is hysterical that my FB friend Danica Avet chose a cowboy for her fantasy man this past Friday. I’d already programmed this blog with my cowboy choice. Great minds work alike.

And I have to ask my writer friend who is hip deep in her cowboy romance WIP. Which Cowboy do you like best? Send me your inspiration for your cowboy hero.

5 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Oy…he’s SO much better than MY cowboy! My coy man didn’t show the curve of his bum. *mutters and shakes her fist* This isn’t over yet, Eden! LOL

    EXCELLENT start to Monday!

    • Ah Danica. You’re Cowboy was nothing to snooze at. I can’t wait to see what Friday brings. Love the way Monday and Friday frames the week with hotness.

  2. They both have many fine qualities, but I think I like yours better. I really like that place on the side right before the naughty zone.

    My cowboy looks like Hugh Jackman. 🙂