Golden Heart Finals Announced Today

How do you measure a year?

Today thousands of unpublished romance writers are all waiting for a phone call telling them they made it into the final round of the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart writing contest. I’m one of them.

Last December I and all the others sent the first fifty pages of polished finished manuscript along with a CD containing the entire work to RWA headquarters for the Golden Heart Romance Novel Contest for unpublished authors.

That act of faith represented an entire year of plotting, writing, revisions, editing. I have an active full time day job. Most of my writing happens between 9p.m. and 2a.m.

Today I’ll try to not glare at the phone every five minutes. I’ll try not to have an anxiety attack. I’ll try to make it through the next five hours.

Good luck to all my FCRW Chapter Friends in the contest and my online cyber buddies. Here’s reaching out to squeeze your hand with a hope that you get your phone call today.

How do I measure a year? I think I’ll write another book.

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