Craft Resources

This week has been fraught with emotional ups and downs. Coming down from the Writers Retreat last weekend, high high high point of the year. Many ah ha moments.

Lightening did not strike me on Thursday. I have a heart but it won’t be golden this year.

It caused me to think about resources for writers. I’m not really thinking of self help type books but more resources that helped you along the way. No not really the big book of paranormal creatures that’s on my shelf. I can research on the internet. No not an alphabetical listing of all the big “R” little “r” rules to remember.

What are your resources as a writer?

Mine are the FCRW chapter I belong to. Also the couple of yahoo groups I maintain membership in.

My FB friends are great. Danica and I have had fun bracketing the week with me sponsoring Fantasy Man Monday and she offering Fantasy Man Friday. Friday’s are hotter.

Ink Plots, the live critique group I’m a member of helps. My Critique Partner is my life line.

I just received the Complete Writer’s Guide to Heroes & Heroines; Sixteen Master Archetypes. Great resource book by Tami Cowden, Caro LaFever and Sue Viders. It is outstanding.

Does anyone have that book on plot archetypes? I saw it on amazon.

What are your resources that help you both in the actual mechanics of writing and surviving the tough times?

One response to “Craft Resources

  1. It’s great to have a critique group that you can bounce ideas off of. Something that sounds so fantastic to me may not be the gem I think it is. Just talking about my problems out loud – or typing them to someone – helps me, too.