Fantasy Man Monday

Monday, Monday. Another Monday begins.  I need a boost to get through the week and let’s kick it off with these contenders for Fantasy Man Monday.

Today we’re going to preview the Men of Dragon’s Mark, 2009 WIP, Epic Fantasy, Paranormal, Erotic Romance.

What do you think about these candidates for Fantasy Man Monday?

First, He’s the inspiration for Haydn, a secondary character.

Love the piercing eyes.  Sorry I’ve lost track of his name.

The Heroes are Caleb and Ethan, identical twins. Ethan is a little more intense than Caleb.

Rhys, another secondary character if you like the rugged bear of a man type.

And lastly, Kiernan. This tortured soul is the hero of my current WIP, Dragon’s Soul. He’s dark, conflicted and powerful.

Together they provide something for everyone’s Fantasy Monday.

3 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Um, can I take them all? *sweet smile* Fabulous Fantasy Monday!! I’m finding my eyes drawn to your Kiernan inspiration more than the others…hubba hubba

  2. Yes, Danica. You can have them all, since you’re my Fantasy Man friend. lol. Only if we can trade. You find some good ones umm humm.

    Kiernan’s story is fighting with me at the moment. He wanted to take over Dragon’s Mark. Now he’s being cranky when the light is focused on him. I’ve missed something somewhere and I think I’ll have to go back before he’ll let me move forward.