Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe

Today I introduce some of my inspirations for heroines. My friends will know that I have been searching for my heroine voice lately. A Female who is powerful…yes…… maybe kick ass to an extent…… but still vulnerable. I did an interview with her a few weeks back. She is shall we say….incubating..emerging um…developing. I like her. She does scare me a little bit. But, I am coming to love her very much. she is very complex and easily misunderstood.

Her archtype, if you are interested, seems to be the masculine, lost soul. She has dimensions of warrior in some incantations, another male arch, with the female Crusader. In other incantations she is nurturer/healer. The process to find her has been intensely painful in ways I can never describe on paper. But those of you are are true friends and love me know the pain her birth has caused me. Enough of that.

However, I am such a visual innovative personality. Here are some visual inspirations for my girl. No, she really doesn’t have a name yet. My female muse is the best I can announce at the moment. *laughs sadly*
Tell me what you think.

I wanted tough ‘take no nonsense’ but vunerable.

She should be appealing in ways that all women would find relate-able.

Oh and did I mention.. It probably goes without saying for those of you who know me.

She MUST MUST MUST be sexy.

But I do want a bit of kick ass

4 responses to “Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe

  1. I’m partial to the blond – we gotta stick together. 😉 Either her with her quiet strength and hidden resolve or the badass black haired one.

    My two cents. 😀

    • Yes.. I like her. But I have to say all these girls appeal to the sense of the heroine am trying to develop.

  2. Definetly Zombie girl!

    • ahh. Zombies. She had some wicked skills there. But loved her in fifth element as well.