RWA Romance Writers of America Conference

Around the world writers are preparing to attend the RWA conference. This will be my first year attending. I had send my 2008/09 manuscript, Dragon’s Mark, into three contests this year. I finaled in the Beacon unpublished hosted by the First Coast Romance Writers chapter and in The Winter Rose hosted by the Yellow Rose of Texas RWA Chapter. I also entered the national Golden Heart as sponsored by RWA.

I didn’t final in the Golden Heart. But I have two friends who did make that final cut into the top three of their categories. Lena Diaz and Gayle Sharp. Both excellent manuscripts. Gayle is in contemporary and Lena’s is in suspense I believe. So, of the eight finalists I am pulling for those two.

A man even wrote a romance and made the final cut so it is an equal opportunity contest.

This being my first RWA conference I’ll try to post my unique perspective as the week unfolds. So buckle your seat belt and take the ride with me.

I have RWA travel buttons for sale at the Conference. It is going to be my “thing” to be able to talk to people I might normally be too shy to talk to. JR Ward where are you love?…”Have your purchased your RWA travel button?” Ah Sherrilyn Kenyon? “No button…I can fix you right up.” OH and there you are Lora Leigh. “Have you seen these lovely travel buttons. I think you need one..”

Now isn’t that conversation much better than gasping fish face and a squeaked, squawked…”Do you know who you are?”

So if you are going to be at the RWA conference.. I am your travel button HO. They are $2.00 each on location. Charlie said she was wearing one for a conference and at the air port was able to identify other travelers and connect on a shared cab. So there you go, testimonial.

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